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Latest Headlines

Techs4Biz mobile app simplifies process for inspecting cranes, optimizes workflows

Proving once more that mobile technology is touching every sector, Australia-based Techs4Biz has released a crane inspection app for field maintenance workers and inspectors to make sure their heavy machinery meets safety requirements and other standards.

Drones roam the sewers of Barcelona

Drones made by SAGB are patrolling the sewers under the city of Barcelona, host of the 2015 World Mobile Congress. But any firm that operates a complex of underground pipes and/or tanks could use the drones to perform inspections of those structures without endangering workers.

Botnet mines more than $150,000 worth of dogecoin

Malware installed on a series of Synology network attached storage boxes siphoned computing power away from the devices to help create a mining pool that ultimately acquired about 500 million dogecoins, or more than $150,000 by today's exchange rate, according to a blog post from Dell's SecureWorks. That amount of value makes the undertaking one of the most lucrative cybercrime efforts of its kind.

Malware hijacks smartphones to mine cryptocurrencies similar to Bitcoin

A new form of malware has been introduced that uses a botnet of smartphones to mine for virtual currencies similar to Bitcoin.