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Latest Headlines

Post-season is not the only thing Major League Baseball is preparing for

As Major League Baseball prepares for the post-season playoffs, it's also laying the groundwork for teams to take advantage of fans with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones.

Guess which major sport dominates the big data and mobile game

If you guessed football, either college or NFL, nope, that isn't it--although football fans will be glad to know there are lots of big data plays for them to score with too (see this week's spotlight on Fantasy Football for an example). The real winner in the big data and mobile game is Major League Baseball.

Nate speaks, big data listens

Another good lesson offer by Silver is the notion that one must work from a model, or as gamblers call it: a system. 

MLB superfans have every stat at their fingertips

In a two-story building in Manhattan, baseball superfans are surrounded by 31 digital screens showing live feeds from every Major League Baseball stadium. With a dashboard of switches enabling access to just about any statistic one could dream up, this "Fan Cave" serves to connect MLB enthusiasts around the country.

Box scores and big data

But will it take over the conversation about the game the way salaries took over? Will it help and hurt the game at the same time? Statistics in sports, baseball in particular, have to remain accessible to the average fan. If you lose that, you lose baseball.

MLB's got nothing on the NBA when it comes to big data

Politics may have its Nate Silver, but the NBA has deputy commissioner Adam Silver, who said that by working together with SAP, the league was able to bring big data to the NBA, allowing fans, broadcasters and the media to run unlimited statistical breakdowns of NBA players and teams, past or present.

Spotlight: 120 years of stats offer real-time predictions for MLB

Pitchers and catchers have reported, spring is in the air and it's time for baseball, which means it's time for statistics … and big data.

T-Mobile USA, MLB ink multi-year tech, digital media deal

T-Mobile USA and Major League Baseball have signed a multi-year agreement making the operator the league's official wireless sponsor. Financial terms were not disclosed, but the deal is described as a "multi-million dollar partnership."

After collaborating like a farm team, MLB steps up its game

Managing massive amounts of video data, Major League Baseball Advanced Media outgrew its stop-gap enterprise collaboration techniques and upgraded to a complete SaaS solution.

San Francisco Giants' lessons for CIOs

The San Francisco Giants' first World Series championship in 56 years may offer a few leadership and management lessons that CIOs could use. Like MLB managers, CIOs are called on to communicate