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Latest Headlines

Microsoft partners with Good to offer first containerized version of its Dynamics CRM mobile app

Microsoft is teaming with enterprise mobility management firm Good Technology to provide the first containerized version of its Dynamics customer relationship management mobile app.

Infographic: Mobility places demands on IT help desks but also provides ways to ease burden

Mobility is not only placing greater demands on the IT help desk, it also offers solutions to ease the workload on overworked IT help desk staff.

Attackers could access patient data, install malware on vulnerable SAP mobile apps

An attacker could exploit vulnerabilities in SAP mobile medical apps to gain access to confidential patient information, warned security researchers at ERPScan in an advisory.

Blue Jeans makes videoconferencing as easy as touching a tablet

Cloud-based videoconferencing provider Blue Jeans Network launched on Tuesday a new platform called Relay and the Relay Touch app that integrates in-room tablets, calendars and conference room systems.

Java Junkies rejoice! Starbucks' mobile app lets you order and pay in advance for your latte

For those who can't wait for their caramel flan latte, Starbucks has got you covered. You can order your favorite beverage, pay for it and pick it up at the store without waiting in line.

CloudVisit takes telemedicine platform mobile

Betting that the future of telemedicine lies in mobile solutions, CloudVisit released Monday its first mobile app, an extension of its existing software platforms.

Stanley Steemer sees Merit in new mobile app for field workers

Carpet cleaning firm Stanley Steemer has selected Merit Solutions to develop a touch-based mobile field-services application for its technicians out in the field.

Spotlight: Shifts for iOS helps workers who don't work 9 to 5

Shifts for iOS enables users to keep track of irregular work shifts on their iPhone, according to a TechRepublic article.

Spotlight: Apple gets patent for mobile app data sharing and collaboration

Feds granted Apple a patent for technology that would enable mobile device users to share and interact with app data in real time.

BI Worldwide employs Qstream mobile app to improve employee training for enterprises

BI Worldwide, a global engagement agency, is using the Qstream mobile sales performance app, for its new Got!t sales reinforcement product to improve employee training for enterprises across a range of industries in 120 countries.