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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Shifts for iOS helps workers who don't work 9 to 5

Shifts for iOS enables users to keep track of irregular work shifts on their iPhone, according to a TechRepublic article.

Spotlight: Apple gets patent for mobile app data sharing and collaboration

Feds granted Apple a patent for technology that would enable mobile device users to share and interact with app data in real time.

BI Worldwide employs Qstream mobile app to improve employee training for enterprises

BI Worldwide, a global engagement agency, is using the Qstream mobile sales performance app, for its new Got!t sales reinforcement product to improve employee training for enterprises across a range of industries in 120 countries.

Spotlight: Southwest Airlines adds Apple's Passbook to iOS mobile app

Southwest Airlines has updated its iOS mobile app by supporting Apple's Passbook, which enables users to access their boarding passes from the lock screen.

Expedia credits mobile strategy for success over rivals

Expedia has been gobbling up online travel competitors recently. It just announced an agreement to buy Orbitz for $1.34 billion, following an agreement to acquire Travelocity for $280 million in January. To what does Expedia attribute its success? For one thing, its mobile strategy, according to Jerald Singh, head of mobile products at Expedia.

Spotlight: Reserve raises $15M for mobile app to make reservations, pay check

Reserve has raised $15 million to continue development of its mobile app that enables users to make restaurant reservations and pay the check, reports TechCrunch.

Dropbox releases mobile app for Windows smartphones, tablets

As part of its partnership with Microsoft, Dropbox has released an app for Windows smartphones and tablets.

Abandon hope of standardization, all ye who enter mobile app development

It is unlikely that app developers will ever see a standard approach to mobile app development, observes Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy at Oracle.

New Good app makes BYOD data plan reimbursements easier to track

Workers who practice BYOD could now have an easier way to obtain reimbursement for company-related data usage on their smartphones  with "Good Work for Data," just released by Good Technology.

Tracking Santa Claus? There's an app for that

Every Dec. 24 since 1955, instead of tracking nuclear missiles, North America's first and last line of defense NORAD tracks Santa Claus and his reindeer. Back then, children had to use rudimentary technology known as the rotary phone and call NORAD. Now, kids can check where Santa is simply by using an app on their smartphone.