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Latest Headlines

Facebook open sources ATC tool to test mobile app performance on slow networks

Facebook has decided to open source its internal effort to simulate mobile app performance on slow network connections.

Mobile app developers get their hands dirty

Mobile app developers are increasingly looking to the Internet of Things for opportunities to develop apps, particularly industrial IoT apps.

Infographic: It pays to be a mobile app developer

Mobile app developers are seeing the highest pay hikes of any IT professionals, according to a salary survey by Robert Half Technology and The Creative Group.

MBaaS to become 'new frontier' of enterprise mobile app development

As more enterprises deploy custom mobile applications, mobile backend-as-a-service will become the "new frontier" in enterprise mobile app development.

News Scan: Enterprises warm to wearables; Salesforce1 platform offers mobile app developers options; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Dec. 23, including how enterprises are preparing for wearables, a review of the new Salesforce1 platform, the effect cheaper tablets and ultrabooks are having on emerging markets, how much NFC-enabled tech will make next year and Microsoft's new fitness Band sells out.

Large disconnect between IT and app developers over enterprise mobile apps

There is a large disconnect between IT decision makers and mobile app developers when it comes to management ideas about enterprise apps and developer reality.

Shortage of mobile app developers reaching critical point

Several recent IT staffing surveys have pointed to a growing skills gap, and one area being especially hard hit is mobile app development. This is bad news for IT hiring managers, as mobility is one of the fastest growing areas in IT this year and heading into 2015.

Mobile app developers take note – federal COPPA crackdown coming

Mobile app developers will feel the heat from the Federal Trade Commission's crackdown on children's data collection that violates the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, according to Jules Polonetsky, executive director of the privacy think tank Future of Privacy Forum.

News Scan: Enterprises want mobile app developers; Windows 9 is on the horizon; more

Quick takes on the latest mobile IT news for Monday, 1/13 including: why enterprises are seeking mobile app developers so diligently this year, bright and shiny Windows 9 in our near future, Google's work to increase capabilities of those who develop Android apps, words of wisdom for small firms on the BYOD phenomenon and what the CEO of BoxTone has to say about the value of mobility.

News Scan: Windows Phone gets some respect; VoLTE gets charge from SBCs; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Thursday, 11/21 including: the continued growth of Windows Phone's reputation in the enterprise, voice over LTE jump in SBC deployments, advice to U.S. banks when speaking on mobility, why you shouldn't buy a smartwatch for a holiday gift and the increase of car shipments with safety/security telematics.