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Latest Headlines

Reddit's mobile app is so intuitive, even newbies can use it

By now, you probably know that news and entertainment online forum Reddit launched its official mobile app less than a week ago. Until now, Reddit enthusiasts have gotten by with using third-party apps like Alien Blue and Baconreader. It's time to take the new app for a spin.

Auto parts firm Chambers Gasket embraces mobility, cloud

Chambers Gasket, a 77-year-old auto parts company, is on the cutting edge of technology. It recently integrated its cloud-based customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning systems so that employees could access them using their mobile devices from anywhere.

Mobile apps, mixed business-personal device use fueling enterprise demand for mobile security products

A majority of enterprises surveyed by Infonetics Research said that they are deploying mobile device security products in order to "effectively handle mobile application control and mixed personal and business use."