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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: How these 3 innovators are using their smartphones to bring about positive change

We know that you can do more with your smartphone than play the latest version of Candy Crush, but just how much more?

Mobile Managers: Broadview's Shulman was mobile before it was cool

In this edition of Mobile Managers, I sat down with Ken Shulman of Broadview Networks to talk about how he's been mobile since the start of mobile, and how he plans to push Broadview's own mobile offering to the front lines of the mobile workforce. 

CIOs say mobility is priority, but many are slow to implement it

While CIOs rank mobility as one of their highest priorities, many enterprises are implementing mobility in a slow and sporadic fashion, according to the VMware 2015 State of Business Mobility Report.

Deploy mobile apps quickly by tapping into existing Web content with RAIN

Mobile software development company  Trilibis launched a new mobile app development framework this week that taps into a company's existing Web content and quickly converts it to mobile formats for viewing on portable devices.

Report: Mobile document management apps reign in the public sector

Good Technology's  Q2 Mobility Index Report is out, offering insight into how companies are implementing and using mobile technology across their organizations.

Study: Workers and IT aren't on same page with mobile or cloud services

A new AIIM report released this week looks at how businesses are making decisions about cloud and mobile access to corporate content, and how it impacts enterprise content management.

AnyPresence updates MBaaS platform to enable API-driven app development, IoT apps

AnyPresence announced Tuesday that it has updated its mobile backend-as-a-service platform to accelerate application programming interface initiatives, support IT-governed mobile programs and enable applications for the Internet of Things.

Codeless mobile app development is one solution to rising costs, delays in enterprise app deployment

As enterprises face the increasing demand from employees for mobile apps, one option to reduce the cost and increase the speed of mobile app development is to use codeless app development, according to a report prepared by Peter Crocker, principal analyst with Smith's Point Analytics.

Enterprises see mobile app development as essential, yet costly

A convincing 85 percent of businesses said that mobile app development is either "important," "very important," or "essential" to their business, yet more than half complain about the high cost associated with DevOps and infrastructure provisioning in developing those apps.

Mobile app development moves to the cloud

I came across an interesting blog post this week by Kitty Weldon, principal analyst for enterprise mobility at Current Analysis, who noted the mobile application platform market is moving to cloud-based services.