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Latest Headlines

FTC cracks down on snake-oil mobile healthcare apps

The Federal Trade Commission has cracked down on Carrot Neurotechnology, makers of the Ultimeyer mobile app that claimed to improve users' eyesight, for making deceptive claims.

Spotlight: Updated CAST tool beefs up analysis, measurement of enterprise mobile apps

CAST unveiled on Tuesday version 8 of its Application Intelligence Platform, which includes greater analysis and measurement of enterprise mobile apps.

Purdue researchers develop HUSH smartphone tool that shuts off apps to save battery life

A new tool from researchers at Purdue University, Intel and startup Mobile Enerlytics could help users with their battery life issue, at least for Android phones.

Mobile apps are key to the future of BlackBerry handsets, says CEO

Without a large ecosystem of apps for BlackBerry, consumers are not going to buy BlackBerry devices. BlackBerry CEO John Chen admitted as much in a talk Friday in Palo Alto, Calif.

Energy, utilities and waste treatment sectors lead way in mobile-only workforce, says Okta

While the energy, utilities and waste treatment sectors are generally considered conservative when it comes to IT, in fact those sectors lead other industries in the percentage of users logging in to work only with mobile devices.

Microsoft unveils preview of Skype for Business mobile apps

Microsoft is asking IT admins to nominate up to eight end users to participate in a preview of Skype for Business apps for iOS and Android – up to four for iOS and up to four Android – by this Friday, Aug. 14.

Does BYOD improve worker collaboration?

To avoid barriers to collaboration, IT – with the backing of the C-suite – needs to get out in front of BYOD and BYOA and come up with clear policies about which devices will be supported and what apps will be allowed or prohibited. Only with strong BYOD policies can enterprises take full advantage of employees using their personal devices at work.

Yahoo, Data Theorem unveil tool that uses SSL pinning to improve mobile app security

Yahoo and Data Theorem released Tuesday a new open-source toolkit called TrustKit that enables developers to include secure sockets layer pinning in mobile apps.

Malvertising attacks increasingly target mobile apps, says RiskIQ report

Malvertising campaigns are increasingly targeting mobile apps, according to a new report from RiskIQ.

Spotlight: IFTTT makes open source tools available for mobile app developers

IFTT, a service that triggers actions on apps, launched on Thursday Open Source @ IFTT, making a number open source mobile app development tools available to developers.