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Latest Headlines

3 ways apps can empower mobile workers

While many IT departments want to lock down mobile devices and apps out of security concerns, the next evolution for the enterprises is unlocking the productivity of the mobile enterprise.

Flexera updates App Portal enterprise app store with self-service for desktop and mobile apps

Particularly in BYOD environments, enterprises are increasingly looking to enterprise app stores to organize, vet and distribute mobile apps approved for use by employees. To help with that task, Flexera Software updated on Tuesday its App Portal, which integrates mobile and desktop apps with its IT Service Management product.

Seattle Seahawks try out beacons at CenturyLink Field

IT pros from the Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners and the NFL say that app personalization is the next evolution in mobile apps. 

HR will need to use latest mobile tech to attract, retain young talent, says Deloitte

Human resources departments will need to use the latest mobile technology to attract and retain the best young talent, judges new research from Deloitte Consulting's Bersin by Deloitte.

QuickMobile 2.0 promises enterprises more insight on event attendees

Regardless of how ubiquitous mobile devices and the virtual environments they create become, they're a long way off from replacing the feeling of an in-person meeting. But that's not to say that mobile apps can't be made to complement face-to-face events.

3 factors to consider when moving to mobility

Many companies have already embraced mobility, and many more are moving in that direction. For IT departments considering the move to mobility, here are three factors to consider.

MBaaS bridges divide between mobile device, server stack

Mobile apps are designed to use the native capabilities of mobile devices, requiring a unique design where the app's execution is divided between the local device and server stack. Mobile backend-as-a-service has grown up as a way to bridge that divide.

Security roundtable reveals BYOD progress, concerns

BYOD practices are firmly entrenced in many organizations. But a recent roundtable discussion of IT security professionals reveals that BYOD policies are less plentiful, and there is still a lot of catching up to be done with regard to BYOD governance.

Infographic: BYOD apps mean more security risks for IT departments

As more personally owned mobile devices flood into the enterprises, IT departments are struggling to deal with insecure mobile app downloaded by employees from public app stores.

News Scan: Cloud apps may be just what the employee ordered; AirBnB revamps mobile experience; more

Top news for December 19, 2014, including cloud-based apps, AirBnB's mobile experience and the VA's tablet deployment.