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Latest Headlines

Enterprises are 'hitting a wall' with back-end integration of mobile apps, says Red Hat

Enterprises are "hitting a wall" when it comes to back-end integration of mobile apps, according to Cathal McGloin, vice president of mobile platforms at Red Hat, a provider of open-source software products to the enterprise.

Infographic: Rising use of BYOD in healthcare increases security, privacy risks

BYOD is becoming the norm in healthcare organizations, but it is also bringing with it increased risks to patient health information, according to an infographic prepared by healthcare analytics firm Caradigm.

SAP announces partnerships with mobile app firms

SAP announced a number of enterprise mobility partnerships at its SAPPHIRE NOW conference being held this week in Orlando, Florida.

Spotlight: moBack launches self-deployable private MBaaS platform

Startup moBack announced Thursday that it is launching a self-deployable private mobile backend-as-a-service platform, designed to help developers build and deploy mobile and web apps.

Spotlight: Good unveils single interface to access core mobile apps

Good Technology unveiled Tuesday a single interface called Good Launcher for accessing its core mobile apps, whether third-party or custom-built, for the enterprise.

Business, IT execs disagree on challenges in developing custom mobile apps

As enterprise mobility matures, many firms are moving to deploy custom mobile apps to empower their mobile workers. Unfortunately, not everyone with these firms agrees about the challenges presented in developing custom mobile apps.

Infographic: Employees 'going rogue' on mobile app use

Many employees do not think the apps their enterprise provides meet their needs. This is leading to a "going rogue" trend among employees who bring in their own apps, whether IT approved or not.

Mobile security is not about malware

As mobile devices and apps flood the enterprise, many IT teams are becoming obsessed with keeping mobile malware off of devices and networks. But this is the wrong focus, said Andrew Hoog, CEO and founder of mobile security firm NowSecure. It's not mobile malware, but mobile apps that leak sensitive data that should be the focus of enterprise IT teams.

Where GPS fails, IndoorAtlas' geomagnetic technology steps in

There's one big problem with location-based services that use GPS; it can't reach inside buildings. Location-based startup IndoorAtlas came up with a solution to this problem: use a building's magnetic field to locate mobile users.

Spotlight: Amazon takes the keys away from TestDrive

Amazon is shutting down its Appstore TestDrive service that enabled users to try out an app before buying, Amazon's Corey Badcock announced in a blog post.