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Latest Headlines

Midsize mobile enterprise app service providers take on the big boys

Midsized mobile enterprise app service providers are starting to challenge the larger service providers, according to the Forrester Wave report on mobile enterprise apps service providers for the first quarter of 2015.

Spotlight: Facebook's Parse launches service to build IoT apps

Facebook's Parse platform-as-a-service unveiled Wednesday new products, including Parse for Internet of Things that enables developers to build apps for IoT devices such as garage door opners, smart batteries, thermostats, and security cameras.

Enterprise mobile app development central to Microsoft's Azure App Service

Enterprise mobile app development is a central piece of Microsoft's new cloud-based Azure App Service launched this week.

Salesforce relies on users to develop popular wearable enterprise apps

Many companies aiming to push their enterprise platforms to wearables have faced a hurdle in the form of building relevant use cases for their customers. One success story, Salesforce, has created a popular wearable experience by giving control of app development to the person who knows the user best--the user himself.

Get rid of risky mobile app behaviors in your workplace

Bad behavior is not just an issue regarding employees. It can also be an issue with mobile apps coming into your workplace.

News Scan: Companies going on the insider threat offensive; Many mobile app developers ignore security demands;

The top news stories for March 23, 2015.

Leaking apps, not malware, pose greatest mobile threat to enterprises, says NowSecure CEO

Leaky mobile apps, not mobile malware, pose the greatest mobile threat to the enterprise, according to Andrew Hoog, CEO of NowSecure, a maker of mobile app security testing products.

Spotlight: Apple eases Apple Watch app submission rules

Apple is easing up on the rules for submitting apps for Apple Watch, reported AppleInside r.

Enterprise mobile app investment on the rise, survey finds

More than half of enterprises expect to increase their mobile app budgets, and 20 percent expect to increase app budgets by more than 10 percent, according to 370 mobile app decision makers surveyed by O'Keeffe & Co. on behalf of IT solutions provider CDW.

Microsoft Band might be coming to your workplace

While far from the flashy Apple Watch, Microsoft Band, which will reportedly be sold in Best Buy stores later this month, has some office productivity features that could prove attractive to busy execs who can't afford an Apple Watch.