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Latest Headlines

Electric Cloud takes continuous integration to mobile app development with Ship.io GA

Electric Cloud has taken its Ship.io continuous integration solution for mobile developers out of its public beta phase and launched general availability.

Developers celebrate the apps that inspire them

FierceDeveloper  recently reached out to entrepreneurs across the country and asked them to pick a few mobile apps and mobile games that set the standard for excellence.

Revamped Google Play Developer Console is now the default experience

Google announced its revamped Google Play Developer Console is out of preview and is now the default experience, adding it will sunset the previous version of the console on April 15.

Firefox: We're not trying to replace Android or iOS

BARCELONA, Spain--While Mozilla's Mitchell Baker blasted the dominating platforms--Android and iOS--earlier this week during an evening keynote, the company has stated it isn't trying to replace them.

Study: Most app developers earn less than $500 per month

A new GigaOM Pro study reveals that over half of app developers make under $500 a month from their paid apps. And for those that develop free ad-funded apps, the picture is even grimmer. According to the study, those developers make less than $100 a month in ad revenue.

Women a rarity in male-dominated app development world

FierceDeveloper  recently queried a handful of women app developers about the pros and cons of their job and why they think the mobile app industry isn't more appealing to women. 

Tips for localizing mobile apps for the international market

As the mobile app industry increases its reach into more and more global markets, developers are realizing they need to translate their apps into additional languages if they want to serve customers in multiple geographies.

Twilio talks API strategy, operator deals and expansion

FierceDeveloper  talked with Thomas Schiavone, director of product management at Twilio, about the company's work with mobile developers, its perspective on mobile operator API programs and its plans for international expansion. 

Developers need to cross-publish their apps

Mobile developers are beginning to realize the need to publish their applications on multiple platforms to reach different audiences, drive downloads and increase revenues. Many of the industry's...

Seybold's Take: Will all mobile business apps reside in the cloud?

In the July 27 issue of FierceMobileContent, I wrote an article " iPad business applications still lacking " about the iPad not being a business-friendly device, but I failed to mention that the