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Latest Headlines

3 questions to ask before allowing BYOD

There are three important questions that small and medium-sized businesses should ask before allowing BYOD devices into the workplace, advises Matthew Held, CEO and co-founder of Manawa Networks.

Infographic: Enterprise mobility disrupts the IT landscape

The IT landscape is being reshaped through acquisitions and partnerships among traditional IT and cloud players as they try to meet the new demands of enterprise mobility, as well as through the development of mobile-first companies.

Apple keeps pace with Samsung in enterprise mobility initiatives

Not wanting to cede enterprise momentum to Samsung, Apple recently unveiled a number of new initiatives to expand enterprise use of iOS, including its device enrollment program.

IT's heavy hand will cause one-fifth of BYOD projects to fail, predicts Gartner

A disturbing 20 percent of BYOD projects will fail by 2016 due to IT's heavy hand, predicts Gartner analyst Ken Dulaney.

News Scan: Mobile 'shopping state of mind'; Hacking delivery drones; more

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Monday, 12/9 including: the mindset surrounding the culture of mobile shopping, the downsides to security concerning Amazon's proposed delivery drones, the increased interest in mobile apps by IT pros, the problem with deploying policies and structuring rules later and AT&T's attempt to save money for those who pay for their own mobile devices.

Mobility deals on the rise

Things are heating up in the high-tech M&A market, driven by the move to mobility by enterprises and consumers. IBM just inked a deal to buy Fiberlink. Expect more mobility mega-deals in the near future.

Most companies fail to explain BYOD policies, study finds

The vast majority of employees have no clue what the BYOD policies are at their place of work, a new study from Ipsos MORE reveals.

News scan: Smartglasses could save firms billions; Samsung's Knox is going to cost you; More

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Wednesday, 11/6 including: benefits of Google Glass for enterprises, hefty fines for Samsung Knox, the Russian opinion of Android smartphones, BlackBerry's focus on software and services and mobile news for Canadians.

News scan: IT pros get ready for wearables; Surface Pro 2 gets battery boost; more

Quick takes on mobile news for Tuesday, 11/5 including: tips for preparing for the use of Google Glass and smartwatches, Surface Pro 2's battery life, updates for iPass and Windows Phone 8, Latin American demand for mobile commerce and BYOD policies in the federal government.

Zombie device ranks are growing

From "The Walking Dead" to "World War Z," it seems that everybody went wild for zombies this year. Not to be left out of the discussion, zombie devices are also a topic of growing interest. And as Bring Your Own Device programs gain in popularity, the likelihood that you will be doing battle with some of those zombies increases.