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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Mobile muscles in on media dominance

Is mobile poised to become the biggest media and advertising channel in the world? It is according to a recent article by Business 2 Community.

Macheen study cites top 10 insights for new mobile reality

We are in the midst of a connectivity revolution, and CIOs need critical insights in order to manage this new mobile environment. That is the message of a new report from Macheen, a mobile cloud application service provider.

Mobile steps up, but marketers slow to react

Increasing mobile demand on the part of consumers indicates a growth in mobile marketing opportunities. Yet, many companies aren't focused enough on their brand's mobile presence. The Drum  presents several reasons mobile marketing is lagging compared to more traditional marketing channels.

New mobile market update comes with a few surprises

U.S. mobile carriers must feel like the kid who has to eat alone at the lunch table. 

Study: Business app developers could drive multiple OS platforms

A new report from Forrester Research notes that while much of the developer momentum is behind Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iOS, there is room for other OS development thanks to business applications.

Smartphones: The next big security threat

The big headlines, in recent days, have been from the China-based cyberattacks on search giant Google. According to security professionals, the attacks were highly sophisticated, with McAfee CTO

China Mobile opens online app store

China Mobile officially opened its online app store Mobile Market, offering consumers close to 6,500 mobile applications from more than 9,000 developers, according to 163.com. According to China