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Latest Headlines

Mitel proposes to bridge gap between business communications platforms and mobile networks

Many enterprises do not have their business communications platform tied their mobile networks. To address this gap unified communications provider Mitel outlined Thursday a strategic vision to reduce technical barriers between enterprise and mobile networks using the cloud.

Mobile network threats are mounting, but security architecture lags

Threats against mobile networks are increasing in number and sophistication, but the underlying network security architecture has not been updated to keep pace with those threats, warned Selim Aissi, vice president for global information security at Visa, during a panel discussion at the RSA Conference this week.

Infographic: Mobile video stalling continues to frustrate consumers

Mobile video stalling and buffering continues to be a problem, with stalling rates that range between 40 percent and 73 percent of all videos played in the U.S., Brazil, Russia, India and Indonesia, according to a study by web browser firm Opera, OpenSignal and On Device Research.

Today's smartphones are data hogs

Today's smartphones are data hogs compared with those in years past, with iPhones devouring the most data, according to Actix data.

Spotlight: Siemens teams with Jabra for seamless mobile call switching

Siemens Enterprise Communications is teaming with Jabra to provide seamless mobile call switching using Jabra's Bluetooth headset and Siemens OpenScape Mobile Call Swipe feature.