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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Redwall gets patent for IoT security monitor

Redwall Technologies announced Wednesday that it was awarded a patent for a security monitor that is embedded into Internet of Things devices, including industrial controllers.

Flood of BYOD devices challenges IT security pros

As mobile devices received as gifts flood the enterprise this month, IT security pros should insist that these devices have the most up-to-date mobile operating systems and enterprise mobility management products have top notch anti-malware protection. 

Report: HTC targeting China with custom smartphone operating system

HTC is developing a custom mobile operating system targeting the massive Chinese consumer market, sources told  The Wall Street Journal.

BlackBerry 10 passes 100,000 apps as Z10 hits US market Friday

BlackBerry said on Thursday that BlackBerry 10 users now have access to more than 100,000 apps, a day before its all-touchscreen Z10 smartphone hit the U.S. market.

Microsoft pushes past BlackBerry in US smartphone platform market

Microsoft's Windows Phone has passed BlackBerry to become the third most popular smartphone platform in the U.S., behind Android and iOS, according to the latest stats from Strategy Analytics.

RIM moves up to No. 3 on smartphone device, OS ranking

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia is continuing its slide in the smartphone market, dropping from the No. 3 smartphone maker to No. 7 in the third quarter, according to the most recent data from Gartner. Research in Motion took over Nokia's No. 3 spot, despite a smartphone sales decline.

Android surges to 75 percent mobile OS market share, says IDC

Google's Android took a 75 percent share of the smartphone operating system market in the third quarter, with Apple's iOS in a distant second, according to the latest research from IDC.

Spotlight: Mozilla teams with China's ZTE for new mobile OS

Firefox browser developer Mozilla and Chinese mobile handset vendor ZTE are teaming to launch a new mobile operating system later this year or earlier next year.

With Boot to Gecko, Mozilla says the web should be the platform for mobile devices

HANOVER, Germany--Mozilla says that mobile devices should be independent of the constraints of operating systems or captive software, but instead should be open-source devices in which the web itself

Mozilla to reveal open-source mobile OS partners this month

Open-source software development initiative Mozilla is poised to announce partners for its forthcoming web-based mobile operating system, dubbed Boot to Gecko. "B2G is partnering up," Mozilla CTO