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Latest Headlines

Mobile payments, enterprise use to spur 11-fold jump in smart wireless accessories' revenues

Mobile payments and enterprise use of mobile devices, along with fitness and health apps, are expected to spur an 11-fold increase in revenues from app-enabled smart wireless accessories by 2018, according to a recent report from Juniper Research.

iPhone 5S's rumored fingerprint sensor could spur biometrics for mobile payment security, says Frost

The rumored inclusion of a fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone should accelerate the use of biometrics to secure mobile payments, judges Jean-Noel Georges, global program director for ICT in financial services at Frost & Sullivan.

Spotlight: Starbucks ramps up mobile payment system

One in ten transactions at Starbucks' coffee houses is conducted using a smartphone, Adam Brotman, the firm's chief digital officer, said during the company's financial earnings...

NFC for mobile payments is a flop, says Gartner

Near-field communications technology has failed to gain traction for mobile payments, Gartner noted, forecasting that NFC will account for only 5 percent of the mobile payment transaction value in 2017.

payvia acquires Mogreet to link mobile transactions with marketing campaigns

Mobile payments company payvia announced today it acquired Mogreet, which provides mobile video and rich media messaging engagement solutions used by marketers, retailers and others including ABC, Bloomingdales, Cox Media Group, Emmis Communications, Fox Television, and Gamefly. As part of the transaction, Mogreet founder and CEO James Citron will become payvia's CMO.

NFC-enabled smartphone volume to double this year, says Strategy Analytics

The global volume of smartphones enabled with near field communications is forecasted to more than double this year, according to Strategy Analytics.

PayPal streamlines mobile shopping with simplified sign-in

PayPal unveiled a revamped version of its Log In commerce identity system optimized for mobile devices.

Starbucks counts 10M active mobile customers, 4M mobile payments per week

Coffee company Starbucks continues to see significant traction in its mobile efforts--the company said more than 10 million people are "active" users of the company's mobile apps, and that the company now counts close to 4 million mobile payment transactions per week (up from 2 million near the end of last year and 3 million a month ago). This, the company said, accounts for roughly 10 percent of the company's total "U.S. tender."

Yankee Group: Merchants to mobile payments--what's the value prop?

With all the hype surrounding mobile payments, it's easy to be fooled into thinking credit cards and cash are a thing of the past. Stepping foot into any major retailer, however, proves otherwise. The stark reality is that mobile payment initiatives continue to spin their wheels, largely due to the poor value proposition being sold to merchants

IDC: Banks need to engage consumers on mobile payments, not control them

Financial institutions should drop their obstructionist strategies on mobile payments and embrace them as an opportunity to generate revenue and provide customer value, advised Aaron McPherson, lead author of an IDC study on mobile payments.