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Latest Headlines

Re-evaluating online privacy in the wake of ISIS attacks

As a result of the Paris terrorist attack, 129 people have been pronounced dead and hundreds others were wounded. And it has come to light that ISIS used Telegram, a highly secure messaging app, to take responsibility for the attack on Paris. Should online privacy be reevaluated in light of all of this?

Relevant mobile offers override privacy concerns, users say

An overwhelming majority of consumers say they would consider handing over personal information to mobile marketers, a new mBlox survey reveals.  Eighty percent of respondents worldwide told mBlox and survey partner Millward Brown Digital that downloading a company's app to their mobile device also meant they would be open to receiving location-based text or push notifications from that same company.

Path again under fire for spamming users with texts, robocalls

Path is once again the subject of privacy concerns after users said the social networking application texted and called their contacts without permission.

Apple stores Siri user data for up to 2 years

Apple has revealed that its servers store iOS user search queries, messages and commands leveraging its Siri voice assistant technology for up to two years.

FTC fines Path $800,000 for privacy breach, issues new mobile guidelines

The Federal Trade Commission issued new guidelines in an effort to increase transparency in how mobile app developers, app stores and other industry players store information about users. The news comes on the heels of another FTC announcement: Social networking app Path was fined $800,000 for violating the privacy of its underage users. 

Mobile app privacy draft bill would let users delete stored data

A new draft bill published this week proposes to improve mobile application privacy by requiring developers to disclose their information collection practices and enabling users to request the deletion of their stored data.

California sues Delta Airlines over mobile app privacy violations

California's attorney general has filed the state's first-ever mobile application privacy lawsuit against Delta Airlines, alleging the Atlanta-based carrier failed to properly clarify what personal information it collects from consumers and what it does with that data.

StrikeForce introduces MobileTrust to thwart mobile hacking

StrikeForce Technology, a provider of software security solutions for the Web, is expanding its services to mobile with a series of apps for tablets and handsets running Apple's iOS and Google's Android.

Mobile privacy fears spawn App Trust Project

The App Trust Project is a new initiative the Association of Competitive Technology hopes will address growing concerns about the degree of openness or "transparency" developers demonstrate about how consumer data is used. Will this project be worth the effort for developers?

Bitdefender retools Clueful following App Store ouster

Two months after Apple removed the Clueful privacy tracking application from its App Store, developer Bitdefender has relaunched the service for free on the mobile Web.