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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Managing mobile security threats in the enterprise

Secure mobile messaging firm Neon SMS has put together an infographic that examines the proliferation of mobile security threats by platform and some strategies firms can use to lessen risks.

Most BYOD firms are clueless about common mobile security threats

While four-fifth of employers allow their employees to bring their own devices to work, two-thirds cannot identify common mobile security threats, such as malware infection on devices or installation of unwanted apps.

Olympian mobile threats lurking in your local Starbucks

An NBC report about mobile security threats at the Olympics has come under withering criticism from security experts around the world. Says Paul Proctor with Gartner: "Most everything they describe in the story is as equally true at your local Starbucks as it is in Sochi."

Juniper says one BYOD policy not enough

A single BYOD policy may be insufficient to address the variety of issues raised by the flood of employee-owned mobile devices into the enterprise, which Juniper Research forecasts will exceed one billion by 2018.

Vendors hone in on mobile app security

This year's CTIA Enterprise & Applications trade show in San Diego definitely has had more of an enterprise bent than it did in the past year, and the focus of vendor announcements has largely

Apple enhances iOS device security with new update

Less than two weeks after rolling out its iOS 4.3.4 software update, Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) released another revamp Monday, further securing iOS-based devices against potential security threats.

Survey: Employees don't understand mobile security rules

A new survey conducted by McAfee and Carnegie Mellon University found that about 40 percent of the companies it polled have experienced the loss or theft of mobile devices and nearly half of those

Webroot offers security for Android smartphones

Internet security firm Webroot announced a new mobile security application for Android smartphone and tablet users that leverages the company's anti-malware and cloud-based and URL scanning

Android now dominates mobile OS market and it may lead in malware too

Two pieces of news have come out about Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Android that when combined could have some scary consequences for the enterprise. Android OS has now surpassed Research In Motion's (

Survey: SMBs not addressing smartphone security

A new survey has found that a large number of SMBs aren't doing enough to address security when it comes to mobile-phone use. Research firm Canalys, which surveyed 814 SMB respondents, found that 86