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Survey: 1 in 10 people store PINs in plain text on mobile devices

A disturbingly large portion of individuals, particularly young adults, are storing PINs for credit or debit cards and online passwords in plaintext on smartphones, laptops and tablets, a survey conducted by Equifax and Gorkana found.

UL releases new IoT security standard, but transparency is lacking

Safety standards company UL, formerly Underwriters Labs, has a new cybersecurity standard for the Internet of Things, but the firm is refusing to freely share information about it.

Dispel targets enterprises with broader privacy-as-a-service offering

Dispel announced Thursday that it has broadened access to its privacy-as-a-service offering to Android devices and Linux operating systems with an eye toward the enterprise market.

Epic battle of privacy versus justice ends with a whimper

So the epic battle between Apple/privacy and FBI/justice has ended. There will be no storming of Apple's Cupertino headquarters by jackbooted FBI agents, no walk of shame for Apple CEO Tim Cook in handcuffs.

Mobility poses the biggest threat to small and medium-sized firms, survey finds

Small and medium-sized companies see mobility as the technology that poses the greatest security concern for them, according to a survey of IT pros by smart card management systems provider Versasec.

IoT device makers need to incorporate security early on, says Gemalto's Hart

As Internet of Things device makers and service providers rush to deploy and connect IoT devices, the security risks associated with these devices are proliferating, warns Jason Hart, chief technology officer of cloud solutions and data protection for digital security firm Gemalto.

Biometrics market to more than double by 2021, reaching $30B, ABI forecasts

The global biometrics market will reach more than $30 billion by 2021, marking a strong 118 percent increase from last year, according to a forecast by market research firm ABI Research.

Spotlight: Cothority wants Apple to adopt its software to close the backdoor

Software project Cothority is on a mission to rid the world of secret backdoored software updates, according to an article at Ars Technica.

Spotlight: RSA smartphone badge-scanning app has security flaw

At the largest security conference and trade show in the world, an Android badge-scanning app used by vendors to keep track of visitors who come to their booths has a major security flaw, Bluebox Security has found.

Apple malware appears on Nokia's top 20 malware list for the first time

Apple iOS-based malware appeared on top 20 list of malware for first time with XcodeGhost and FlexiSpy, according to the latest Nokia Threat Intelligence Lab report.