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Latest Headlines

Apple fixes a staggering 71 security holes in its latest iOS update

Apple devices are popular with enterprises because of their reputation for rock-solid security. Yet, Apple had to plug a staggering 71 security holes in its latest update to its mobile operating system.

IT security pros more worried about endpoint security than cloud or network security

While many IT security pros fret about moving sensitive corporate data to the cloud, a recent survey IT security pros at last week's Black Hat security conference found that they are more worried about endpoint security risks.

HTC stored user fingerprints in unencrypted, unprotected folder

The fingerprint data for HTC's One Max smartphone was stored as a bitmap file "in plaintext and in a world-readable place" with permissions that made it accessible from other apps, according to FireEye researchers.

Hundreds of millions of Android devices could be hijacked through remote support tool

Attackers could gain unrestricted access to hundreds of millions of Android devices made by major manufacturers by exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in the architecture of mobile remote support tools, mobile threat researchers from Check Point Software Technologies told an audience here Thursday at the BlackHat security conference.

Zero-day vulnerabilities on the rise, says Secunia

Fifteen zero-day vulnerabilities have been discovered so far in 2015, all of them in Adobe and Microsoft products, according to a report released by security firm Secunia on Thursday at BlackHat.

Android takes another blow

A researcher from Trend Micro reported a flaw in more than half of Android smartphones that an attacker could exploit to render an Android phone "apparently dead – silent, unable to make calls, with a lifeless screen."

Low-end cellphone can be used to hack highly sensitive air-gapped systems, according to researchers

Security researchers in Israel have developed a method that bypasses air-gapped computer security by using a low-end mobile phone.

Close to 1B Android devices vulnerable to devastating text-based attack, warns Zimperium

Close to one billion Android smartphones are vulnerable to a text-based attack that could result in an attacker gaining control of a compromised device without the victim's knowledge, warned security firm Zimperium Mobile Security in a blog post Monday.

All smartwatches tested by HP are vulnerable to cyberattack

As more people buy smartwatches and bring them into the enterprise, these same devices could pose significant security risks. HP's Fortify security unit tested 10 different smartwatches and found that all of them were vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Disturbing glimpse into the connected car's future

As cars get more connected and convenient, IT security risks increase apace. Andy Greenberg with Wired magazine provided a disturbing glimpse into the future of cyberattacks against connected cars.