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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: UK standards group GlobalPlatform strengthens mobile device security

U.K. industry standards association GlobalPlatform has upgraded to its card specification v2.2 to protect the data exchange between a secure element and a trusted execution environment on a mobile device.

Spotlight: Researcher exploits security hole in iOS 8 to steal passwords

While Apple claimed that its iOS 8 operating system cured any iCloud security issues with two-factor authentication, a researcher recently found a bug that could enable an attacker to steal iCloud passwords from the latest version of the operating system, iOS 8.3, reported Ars Technica.

Mobile security worries IT, but not rank-and-file

Mobile security is a growing concern for IT departments, particularly as more enterprises opt for BYOD environments. Yet, that same concern does not appear to be shared by the rank-and-file employees.

Lookout takes consumer mobile security expertise to the enterprise

Whether operating in a BYOD or corporate-owned mobile device environment, companies face mobile security risks every day from existing and previously unknown threats. To help enterprises cope with mobile threats, Lookout launched on Tuesday a mobile threat protection platform for the enterprise.

BYOD concerns behind Fortinet's $44M purchase of Meru Networks, new mobile security service

To address enterprise BYOD concerns, network security firm Fortinet announced Wednesday that it is acquiring Wi-Fi networking provider Meru Networks for $44 million and launching its FortiGuard mobile security subscription service that includes mobile app control and mobile malware protection for iOS and Android devices.

Rise of the mobile bad bots

Bad bots disguising themselves as mobile Web users are arriving in "droves," warned Distil Networks in its annual bad bots report.

Antivirus vendor AVG buys VPN service provider Privax for up to $60M

Reflecting the growing concern among companies about mobile security, antivirus software provider AVG has purchased Privax, a provider of virtual private network services for mobile devices and desktops, for up to $60 million.

Freaking out about Android apps vulnerable to FREAK attack

Millions of popular Android apps are vulnerable to an OpenSSL vulnerability known as FREAK, warned a researcher from security firm FireEye.

Dell launches TZ firewalls with deep packet inspection for SMB market

While large enterprises have been using firewalls to secure their networks for many years, small and medium-sized businesses have often not had the resources to invest in firewall technology. Dell SonicWALL is launching desktop-based TZ series firewalls, complete with deep packet inspection at broadband connection speeds, designed for the SMB market.

Mobile security is not about malware

As mobile devices and apps flood the enterprise, many IT teams are becoming obsessed with keeping mobile malware off of devices and networks. But this is the wrong focus, said Andrew Hoog, CEO and founder of mobile security firm NowSecure. It's not mobile malware, but mobile apps that leak sensitive data that should be the focus of enterprise IT teams.