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Latest Headlines

Cybersecurity is the top IT investment priority for Western European utilities

Chief information officers at utilities in Western Europe identified cybersecurity as their top IT spending priority this year, according to a survey by market research firm IDC.

Infographic: 5 cybersecurity trends to watch out for this year

This year is expected to be as bad, if not worse, than last year in terms of cyberattacks. Looking into its crystal ball, IT security firm Cybernetic Global Intelligence has identified five cybersecurity trends for 2016 in this infographic.

Google plugs critical security hole in Android mediaserver

Google announced Monday that it patched a critical vulnerability in the Android mediaserver that could enable a remote attacker to gain control of a device through email, Web browsing and multimedia messaging service when processing media files.

Infographic: The past, present and future of mobile threats

Mobile security threats have become more sophisticated and devastating over the past few years, while the future holds more attacks exploiting the Internet of Things and other emerging technology,

Cybersecurity predictions: Protecting your digital enterprise

Adversaries are growing more sophisticated, making headlines with the size and scope of their attacks, and targeting new industries and vectors. As we move into the new year, Mark Painter, security evangelist at Hewlett Packard Enterprises, offers some predictions about the biggest cyberthreats and cybersecurity challenges coming in the next year.

Don't expect comprehensive IoT security standards – ever

The IoT market is moving at a fast pace, and that means vendors that are developing new products and services throughout the ecosystem are using their own security mechanisms – or in some cases none at all. The current lack of standards around security mechanisms such as authentication and communications in IoT presents its own set of challenges for security practitioners.

State of IoT security equivalent to computer security in 1990, says Bastille chairman

The state of Internet of Things security today is in its infancy, equivalent to the state of computer security in 1990, opined Chris Rouland, chairman and chief technology officer at IoT security firm Bastille.

Microsoft's Nadella adds security-first to his mobile-first, cloud-first vision

Looks like you can add security-first to the mobile-first, cloud-first strategy that Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is pursuing.

Many enterprises still come up short on mobile security, study finds

More than 20 percent of companies do not lock out mobile users based on number of access attempts and more than 70 percent of companies do not require two-factor authentication for mobile devices, according to a survey of 447 IT decision-makers across industries by Champion Solutions Group for cloud-based document sharing service MessageOps.

Spotlight: Zerodium doles out $1M for a remote iOS 9 exploit

Zerodium announced that it is paying $1 million to an unidentified team for providing a remote exploit to an iPhone running iOS 9, reported ZDNet Tuesday.