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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Employees admit to flaunting policies prohibiting BYOD

Two-thirds of employees who have personal smartphones admit to accessing corporate data from those devices, and 20 percent of those admit to doing so even though there was a company policy prohibiting BYOD, according to data in an infographic compiled by cloud and mobile security firm Bitglass.

Nokia paid millions in ransom to stop release of Symbian OS encryption key

In a plot right out of a crime thriller, Nokia put millions of euros in a bag and left it at a parking lot near an amusement park as ransom to stop the release of the encryption key for its Symbian-based smartphones in 2007, MTV News in Finland reports.

Apple iOS and Android security worries the same, yet different

Take your pick: Apple  iOS or Android. Either one is a risky proposition, but they expose users to different security threats, a new study finds.

Security pros need to adapt to consumerization of IT or perish

As enterprises increasingly adopt technologies prevalent in the consumer marketplace, security pros will need to adapt along with their organizations or look for another line of work.

The NSA, PRISM and Edward Snowden: A year-in-review timeline

It's been a year since whistleblower Edward Snowden, and the top-secret programs he brought to light, became part of our everyday news and vocabulary. As we reach this one-year anniversary,  FierceITSecurity  has compiled a timeline of some of the key events (including links to documents and articles) from the past year.

Gartner: Most mobile security breaches will be caused by misconfigured apps by 2017

As the focus of endpoint breaches will shift from PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones, three-quarters of mobile security breaches will be the result of a misconfigured mobile app by 2017, predicts Gartner.

Security 'game changers' forcing IT security pros to 'do things differently,' says SANS chief

There are five top security "game changers" that are going to "break the way we are doing security" and force IT security pros to "do things differently," explained John Pescatore, director of the SANS Institute, during a presentation at the SANS Security Leadership Summit being held here this week.

Bitcoin mining malware hidden in Google Play apps

Mobile security company Lookout discovered five apps on the Google Play market that provided more than the "beating heart" and "epic smoke" wallpapers they advertised. Hidden beneath the animated veneer was malware that forced the user's smartphone to download Bitcoins, which were then transferred to proxy accounts.

Mobile device security market forecast to triple by 2018

The mobile device security market, which totaled $1.3 billion in revenue for 2013, is forecast by Infonetics Research to total $3.4 billion in 2018.

Spotlight: NIST offers free mobile app vetting tool

The National Institute of Standards and Technology released this week a free mobile app management vetting tool called AppVet.