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Latest Headlines

Attackers take advantage of theft victims to get iCloud login credentials

Attackers are launching phishing attacks against victims of iPhone and iPad theft to track victims into supplying iCloud log-in credentials, according to security firm Symantec.

Shhh! Maybe no one will notice that Android Lollipop devices don't have encryption by default

Despite proclaiming in the fall that its Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system would enable full disk encryption by default, Android smartphones are now shipping from manufacturers without encryption by default, reported Ars Technica.

Qualcomm debuts ultrasonic fingerprint scanner that can read through any part of a phone

Qualcomm today announced a biometric sensor it developed that can read the 3D characteristics of fingerprints through a phone's display, according to a release from the company. The tech could be a potential boon for an IT security market clamoring for sensitive and scalable biometrics.

IoT and IT security

More and more enterprises begin to deploy Internet of Things devices and platforms to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Yet these same IoT objects can open up the enterprise to security threats, with every device becoming a potential entry point for attackers.

How Alohar hopes to 'fingerprint' the way you walk for new authentication tool

Alohar Mobile has received a patent for a system that would use the sensors in mobile phones to create a "fingerprint" of the way you walk, using the data for authentication purposes. 

Mobile malware threats to firms that permit BYOD on the rise

BYOD can be a boon for employee productivity and satisfaction, but it can be a bust for IT departments struggling to protect the corporate network from risks introduced by all of the BYOD devices.

Hackers could gain remote control of Android smartphones, warns researcher

An attacker could exploit security holes in Google Play and Android Web browsers to gain remote control of Android smartphones, warned Tod Beardsley with security firm Rapid7.

Advanced espionage spyware targets iOS devices

Researchers uncover new iOS spyware designed to attack non-jailbroken iOS devices to record audio, take screen shots, and steal personal data.

Verizon beefs up IoT security with managed certificate service

CIOs and IT security pros are concerned about the security risks that millions of Internet of Things devices can pose to their networks and equipment. To address these security concerns, Verizon Enterprise Solutions rolled out last week a managed certificate security service for enterprises to authenticate IoT devices, reported Larry Dignan with ZDNet.

Google adds mobile apps to its bug bounty program

To encourage IT security researches to root out mobile app vulnerabilities, Google is expanding its bug bounty program to include vulnerabilities in mobile apps, wrote Eduardo Vela Nava, security engineer at Google, in a blog post.