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Latest Headlines

Mobile security concerns behind Salesforce purchase of Toopher

Mobile security has become an increasing concern for enterprises and IT staffs.To address that concern, enterprise software giant Salesforce.com has acquired Toopher, a developer of a mobile two-factor authentication app for iOS and Android devices, for an undisclosed consideration.

Spotlight: Enterprise security firm Check Point to buy Lacoon Mobile

Enterprise security firm Check Point Software Technologies has agreed to buy mobile security firm Lacoon Mobile Security, Check Point announced Thursday.

Android security bug could enable attacker to replace legitimate app with malware

Android's poor security reputation won't be helped by the recent revelation of vulnerability in the Android OS that could enable attackers to hijack the installation of the Android Package File app and gain control of the device.

Apple fixes 17 security holes in Safari's WebKit engine

Apple has plugged 17 security vulnerabilities in the Safari browser's WebKit engine, which renders Web pages in the browser.

Enterprises have a mobile security blind spot, warns IBM

Enterprises large and small are at risk from insecure mobile apps and mobile malware, particularly those that allow employees to bring their own devices to work. To give IT tools to combat these threat, IBM is bringing together technology from two of its recent acquisitions--Fiberlink and Trusteer.

Yahoo's new 'simple' log-in process might not be so secure

Yahoo's new way to log in is far from secure. That is the warning of security researcher Graham Cluley.

Spotlight: Black Box can brute force iPhone PIN

Black Box, a robotic "PIN typing" device that uses a USB connection to inject screen taps virtually, can be used to brute force iPhone PINs, warned security researcher Paul Ducklin on the NakedSecurity blog

Angela Merkel's secure phone technology coming to U.S.

SecureSmart, the company that secures German Chanceller Angela Merkel's cell phone, showed off a new tablet offering at CeBit and said its offerings will soon come to the U.S. 

Google plugs two vulnerabilities that could enable an attack to gain control of an Android device

Google has fixed two critical integer overflow vulnerabilities in Android 5.1 Lollipop that an attacker could exploit to gain control of an Android device, reported SecurityWeek.

IBM uncovers security hole in Dropbox SDK for Android

This week, an IBM security researcher revealed that a vulnerability in the Dropbox software development kit for Android could allow an attacker to redirect saved data to a different account.