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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Android ransomware uses Google's own design principles against victims

The Android.Lockdroid.E ransomware uses Google's design principles and an open-source project against users, warned Symantec security researcher Dinesh Venkatesan in a blog post.

AT&T, IBM partner on mobile cloud security for the enterprise

AT&T and IBM are teaming to give enterprises tools to secure mobile devices, apps, connectivity and data using IBM's cloud infrastructure.

Three-quarters of firms have experienced a mobile data breach, survey finds

A recent study that IDG Research Services conducted on behalf of mobile security firm Lookout will do little to ease those security concerns. In fact, 74 percent of 100 IT leaders polled said their company had experienced data breaches because of a mobile security issue.

G DATA unveils secure messaging app based on elliptic curve cryptography

German antivirus firm G DATA released on Thursday its security messaging application, Secure Chat, which uses elliptic curve cryptography to provide secure communications on Android phones.

Trustwave rides the mobile security wave with new cloud-based platform

Endpoint security firm Trustwave is expanding its presence in the mobile security space with the launch Wednesday of its new cloud-based Secure Mobility Platform. The platform is designed to protect and defend enterprise mobile devices, particularly those used for point-of-sale transactions.

InvizBox unveils Go prototype that provides mobile users a VPN over public Wi-Fi

To help calm IT security fears about public Wi-Fi, startup InvizBox unveiled a prototype device that sets up a secure connection, either through a virtual private network connection or connection to the Tor network, for employees or anyone else using public Wi-Fi.

Intel sets up automotive security review board

In the aftermath of the highly publicized hack of a Jeep Cherokee by security researchers, Intel has launched an automotive security review board that will focus on research to improve connected car security.

Apple adds security features to iOS 9 that will appeal to enterprises

Lost in the noise of Apple's launch of iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and Apple TV was the unveiling of Apple's new mobile operating system, iOS 9, which will be available as a free update on Sept. 16. While there are a number of enhancements aimed at usability and "multitasking," there are also security improvements that should prove attractive to companies implementing corporate-owned and BYOD programs.

Cotap adds encrypted voice, video calling to its enterprise messaging app

Enterprise mobile messaging startup Cotap launched on Wednesday end-to-end encrypted voice and video calling over Wi-Fi and cellular networks for users of its app.

Employees gamble with security when they download mobile gambling apps

The average global enterprise has multiple, often risky, gambling apps installed in its mobile environment, according to an analysis by app security firm Veracode.