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Latest Headlines

Disturbing glimpse into the connected car's future

As cars get more connected and convenient, IT security risks increase apace. Andy Greenberg with Wired magazine provided a disturbing glimpse into the future of cyberattacks against connected cars.

Hacking Team breach discloses Android exploit that tricked Google Play security

The Hacking Team, the Italian surveillance firm that was hacked recently, had developed Android malware that was able to sidestep Google's security checks and appear on Google Play as a legitimate news app called BeNews, according to security firm Trend Micro.

Spotlight: T-Mobile finally discloses U.S. government data request numbers

T-Mobile received 351,940 U.S. government requests for customer data in 2014, the most of the four major U.S. cellular carriers, CNET reported.

OnePlus unveils fingerprint sensor for its latest smartphone that's 'faster than Touch ID'

Mobile security is an ongoing IT concern when it comes to BYOD, while convenience is a priority for users. To address both of these concerns, Chinese firm OnePlus has added a fingerprint sensor to its Android-based OnePlus 2 smartphone that it claims is faster than Apple's Touch ID.

Spotlight: Google launches Android-bug bounty program

Google is launching a bug bounty program for its Android mobile platform.

UK firm says emojis can replace PINs for bank account logins

U.K. banking tech firm Intelligent Environments is trying to convince banks to use emojis instead of PINs for customer account logins.

Spotlight: UK standards group GlobalPlatform strengthens mobile device security

U.K. industry standards association GlobalPlatform has upgraded to its card specification v2.2 to protect the data exchange between a secure element and a trusted execution environment on a mobile device.

Spotlight: Researcher exploits security hole in iOS 8 to steal passwords

While Apple claimed that its iOS 8 operating system cured any iCloud security issues with two-factor authentication, a researcher recently found a bug that could enable an attacker to steal iCloud passwords from the latest version of the operating system, iOS 8.3, reported Ars Technica.

Mobile security worries IT, but not rank-and-file

Mobile security is a growing concern for IT departments, particularly as more enterprises opt for BYOD environments. Yet, that same concern does not appear to be shared by the rank-and-file employees.

Lookout takes consumer mobile security expertise to the enterprise

Whether operating in a BYOD or corporate-owned mobile device environment, companies face mobile security risks every day from existing and previously unknown threats. To help enterprises cope with mobile threats, Lookout launched on Tuesday a mobile threat protection platform for the enterprise.