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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Cloud, BYOD to boost demand for strong authentication products

Cloud and BYOD are fueling demand for strong authentication and one-time password products. This demand is expected to boost the market for these products by nearly seven percent per year to $2.2 billion in 2018, according to market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

More than two-thirds of Androids susceptible to exploit that can give attacker control of device

As Android devices make their way into the enterprise through BYOD, vulnerabilities in the operating system become more of an IT security threat.

Spotlight: BlackBerry plugs security hole in BES 10

While everyone was watching what fixes Microsoft had for Patch Tuesday, BlackBerry issued its own security advisory on Tuesday to plug a security hole in BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, the Universal Device Service 6 and BES 5.

California wants kill switches on all mobile devices

California lawmakers introduced a bill that would require a "kill switch" for every mobile smartphone or tablet sold in the state.

Could a driverless car be hijacked by a hacker?

At the CES International this year, BMW and Audi proudly demonstrated driveless cars that can steer, brake and throttle autonomously using sensors. What they failed to discuss was whether their driveless cars were vulnerable to hijacking by a hacker.

Many IT pros turning to NAC for mobile security

More than three-quarters of IT pros are using or planning to use network access control technology to improve mobile security, according to a survey of more than 750 IT pros by CyberEdge Group on behalf of NAC vendor ForeScout Technologies and eight other IT security firms.

Gartner: Nearly one-third of firms will use biometrics for mobile devices by 2016

To secure mobile devices without alienating users in a BYOD environment, 30 percent of firms will employ biometric authentication for mobile devices by 2016, predicts Gartner.

App vulnerabilities, malware, mobile security top security pros' worries

App vulnerabilities, malware and mobile device security are the top three areas of concern for 12,396 security pros surveyed by market research firm Frost & Sullivan.

Spotlight: Lax smartphone security leaves home security at risk

More than one-third of U.S. adults use their smartphones to control their home security systems, yet close to half admit to sharing their smartphone passwords with at least one other person

Spotlight: NSA uses Angry Birds to collect personal data

Apparently, there is a reason why the birds in the Angry Birds smartphone app are angry--they are being used as pawns in the National Security Agency's global surveillance dragnet, according to media reports citing documents from Edward Snowden.