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Latest Headlines

Patched Android vulnerabilities still pose security risks

Android mobile devices are the choice of many employees bringing their personal devices into the workplace. So the security of those devices is upper most in the minds of IT security pros. Yet some critical Android vulnerabilities identified in 2013 and last year still pose risks.

Thunderstrike bootkit further erodes Apple's reputation for rock-solid security

IT security types prefer Apple devices because of their reputation for strong security, but the recent discovery of the Thunderstrike bootkit could call into question that security reputation.

Shaky iCloud security takes another hit

The release of a new hacking tool targeting iCloud's Apple ID dictionary is not reassuring for iPhone users and others who store data, knowingly or unknowingly, on iCloud.

Through a glass darkly: IT security threats in 2015

In this issue, we offer a look into the IT security threats looming on the horizon for next year through an exclusive interview with Steve Durbin, global vice president of the not-for-profit Information Security Forum.

Vendor security will be an increasing challenge for overworked IT security teams in 2015

In a number of recent data breaches, the entry point for the hackers was through a third party vendor. FierceITSecurity recently sat down with Steve Durbin, global vice president of the non-for-profit Information Security Forum, to discuss third party security and other security challenges that will confont IT security teams in the coming year.

CIOs might lose their jobs if they don't implement information governance policy

As businesses continue to move toward a more mobile-centric workflow, many CIOs will be forced to adapt or run the risk of losing their job. Re search from Forrester commissioned by data protection specialist Druva predicted that 20 percent of CIOs in regulated industries would be fired by 2016 if they did not institute a sound information governance policy.

IoT and the enterprise: Managing risks and avoiding mistakes

Those involved in IT security are acutely aware that as the number of nodes in a network of intelligent devices--Internet of Things (IoT), for instance--rises, so do the number of potential vectors for attacking that system.  Thus, there is increasing concern that IoT's value propositions go hand-in-hand with vulnerabilities that could threaten the enterprises employing them, argues Greg Shannon with the IEEE and Carnegie Mellon.

The internet will become the corporate network perimeter, predicts iSheriff CEO

The internet will become the corporate network perimeter, predicts Paul Lipman, CEO of cloud security service provider iSheriff.

Will 2015 top this year in terms of data breaches?

This year has been a record year for data breaches. But what does next year hold for the IT security industry?

Top three IT areas for investment are all mobile related, says MaaS360 chief

The top three technology areas where enterprises are investing are mobile security/mobile device management, BYOD policy development and mobilizing business apps, according to Joe Pappano, president of IBM's MDM firm MaaS360 by Fiberlink.