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Latest Headlines

SAP announces partnerships with mobile app firms

SAP announced a number of enterprise mobility partnerships at its SAPPHIRE NOW conference being held this week in Orlando, Florida.

Enterprise mobile app development central to Microsoft's Azure App Service

Enterprise mobile app development is a central piece of Microsoft's new cloud-based Azure App Service launched this week.

Mobile companies get lion's share of VC funding for healthcare IT

Venture capital firms are pouring money into healthcare IT, and mobile health companies are getting the largest share of that funding.

Indoor location market to reach $4 billion in 2018, predicts ABI

The indoor location market is forecast by ABI Research to reach $4 billion in 2018, fueled by wireless technology as well as vendors offering venues such as shopping malls, warehouse retailers, airports and stadiums products to provide content and services to mobile device users based on their location.

Amazon, Walmart buy mobile firms to get talent, technology

E-businesses lack the funding they need to build mobile services, integrate mobile services with their backend infrastructure and build out teams with the right skills in-house, according to a recent study by Forrester Research.

Sprint, Clearwire race ahead with 4G

The race is on for the 4G mobile customer, and all of the major wireless carriers are spending billions of dollars upgrading their networks. This week, Sprint and Clearwire both expanded their 4G