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Latest Headlines

News Scan: Mobile-first government; Teaching robots morals; more

The top news stories for March 19, 2014.

BYOD more important than tea to European workers, study reveals

In further evidence that the great traditions of Britain and Europe are under attack, new research confirms that the typical European worker now spends more annually on BYOD than they do on tea.

Infographic: Mobile policies fail to keep pace with device use in healthcare

Doctors are increasingly using mobile devices to provide patient care, yet many healthcare organizations do not have a mobile technology policy in place, according to a recent survey by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society.

Mobile malware running amok, study finds

Mobile malware is running amok on company provided and BYOD mobile devices, a new research study finds, making it the top security concern for many security pros.

Mobile will be game-changer for many organizations this year, Forrester says

Mobile technology, cloud computing and big data will continue to dominate headlines this year, and Forrester predicts that mobile especially will have the ability to transform entire businesses.

Daily device devotion now exceeds 24 hours per day for some

Americans certainly have a love affair with tech devices, and that includes all things mobile. The obsession to be logged on now exceeds 24 hours per day for some.

Fostering a CIO-CMO mobile strategy for 2014

Len Shneyder offers advice on how CIOs and CMOs can strike partnerships in 2014 to devise solutions that bridge the divide on understanding moble analytics and best practices.

Mobile browser usage rises to 20 percent

For the first time ever, the percentage of the world's browser activity topped 20 percent on mobile devices last month.

Macheen study cites top 10 insights for new mobile reality

We are in the midst of a connectivity revolution, and CIOs need critical insights in order to manage this new mobile environment. That is the message of a new report from Macheen, a mobile cloud application service provider.

Infographic: Healthcare industry turns to mobile tech for patient care

A full 80 percent of physicians use smartphones and medical apps, and more than one-quarter of physicians use mobile technology to provide patient care, according to an infographic by medical app developer Great Call.