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Latest Headlines

Television viewers tuning in to mobile and tuning out ads

If Dish Network has its way, its 14 million subscribers will soon have a multitude of interactive television applications to go along with a multitude of viewing options. And  Dish's decision to open its Hopper platform to third-party developers makes perfect sense given the increasing role that smartphones and tablets play for television viewers.

AT&T touts improved quality, streamlined pricing with rebranded Mobile TV

AT&T Mobility is rebranding its U-Verse Live TV streaming service to the more succinct Mobile TV, also promising uniform pricing across all supported devices as well as superior video quality.

How to experience Super Bowl XLVII on mobile

The Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers kick off Super Bowl XLVII this Sunday at approximately 6:20 pm ET. If you can't make it in front of a big-screen TV in time for the festivities, you can turn to mobile.

Dish's new Hopper with Sling pushes DVR content to mobile devices

LAS VEGAS--Dish Network announced a new service the company said will allow Dish subscribers to view live and recorded DVR programs via their mobile devices, and to move programs they recorded on their DVR onto an iPad for offline viewing. The technology helps to highlight the increasingly innovative ways that TV is migrating into the mobile realm as well as Dish's expanding interest in the mobile industry.

Dyle launches EyeTV Mobile for live viewing on iPhone, iPad

Mobile Content Venture, the broadcaster coalition behind the Dyle mobile digital TV effort, is teaming with consumer electronics firm Elgato to introduce EyeTV Mobile, a TV tuner accessory enabling consumers to view live programming via devices running iOS.

T-Mobile USA/MetroPCS merger poses content integration headaches

The merger of Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile USA subsidiary and MetroPCS Communications not only brings together their respective customer bases and spectrum licenses but also their mobile content efforts, calling into question which services the combined company will continue to offer moving forward.

Dyle outs Samsung Lightray 4G as first local broadcast TV phone

MetroPCS will roll out the Dyle mobile digital TV service via Samsung Electronics' forthcoming Galaxy S Lightray 4G smartphone, reportedly slated for release later this month.

Mobile TV's future still murky despite growing consumer demand

Consumers are tuning in to the possibilities of mobile TV. Half of U.S. consumers would consider viewing programs on their smartphones and tablets according to a new survey conducted by Mobile Content Venture, the broadcaster alliance behind the forthcoming Dyle mobile TV effort. 

MobiTV withdraws $75M IPO, blaming 'unfavorable market conditions'

MobiTV has withdrawn its plans for an initial public offering, blaming "unfavorable market conditions" in a request to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Judge rejects broadcasters' request to halt Aereo streaming TV service

A federal judge ruled Wednesday that startup Aereo can continue streaming live television programming to smartphones and tablets, despite broadcasters' claims that the service violates copyright law.