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Latest Headlines

FLO-EV targets international mobile TV providers

BARCELONA, Spain--Qualcomm announced the release of FLO-EV, a new version of its FLO mobile broadcast solution targeting international markets making its debut here at the 2010 Mobile World Congress

Verizon Wireless premieres NBC Olympics: Vancouver 2010 channel

Verizon Wireless announced the launch of the NBC Olympics: Vancouver 2010 channel via V Cast Video, just one component of the operator's multi-platform Winter Olympic Games coverage in partnership

Is 2010 the break-out year for mobile TV?

Is this the year for mobile TV? For veterans of the wireless industry, that question might sound like a blast from the past: After all, it was in 2004 that Qualcomm set aside roughly $800 million to

FLO TV kicks off Super Bowl advertising campaign

Qualcomm's FLO TV mobile broadcast subsidiary announced it will launch a Super Bowl advertising campaign with three different spots touting its mobile TV products and services. FLO TV will air two of

With Conan's exit, NBC chooses the past over the future

A brief but memorable era in television history will end this evening when NBC broadcasts the final episode of The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien just seven months into the host's run, before giving

U.S. kids spending close to an hour a day consuming mobile media

Young people in the U.S. now spend 49 minutes each day listening to music, playing games and watching video content on their mobile phones according to a new study issued by the nonprofit Kaiser

ESPN ScoreCenter application tops 4.5 million downloads

Sports media giant ESPN announced its ScoreCenter application for Apple's iPhone and iPod touch has generated more than 4.5 million downloads in the months following its June 2009 introduction,

Siano closes $23.5 million Series D financing round

Mobile digital TV receiver chip supplier Siano Mobile Silicon announced the completion of a $23.5 million Series D funding round led by existing investors JVP, DFJ-Tamir-Fishman, Star Ventures,

DISH Network debuts TV Everywhere solution

Satellite television services provider DISH Network announced the introduction of TV Everywhere, a suite of integrated products developed to deliver programming to mobile devices and laptops, as well

Verizon Wireless adds TLC to mobile TV roster

Verizon Wireless announced it will add Discovery Communications-owned cable outlet TLC to its V Cast Mobile TV service, bolstering its lineup of exclusive mobile channels. According to Verizon, TLC's