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Latest Headlines

Lack of enterprise mobility experience could cost you that dream job

A lack of enterprise mobility experience could be preventing you from furthering your career, says Mary Brittain-White, CEO of Retriever Communications.

IBM's new Verse collaborative email tool is optimized for mobile

IBM's new enterprise email solution Verse, which combines cloud, analytics, social and security technology, could be the next big thing for mobile workers.

Survey finds BYOD workers clocking in more hours

The bring your own device trend can mean security worries and extra work for your IT team, but there's also a big upside to the latest tech fad: workers clocking in more hours.

For tomorrow's workplace, nonmobile is not an option

Today's workers might not be able to see clearly what the office of the future will look like, but two things are for sure--it will be wireless and it will be mobile.

Firms increasingly turn to telematics to keep track of vehicles, workers

Competition for customers and regulatory requirements are driving firms to track vehicles and mobile workers through the use of telematics, ABI Research observes.

What is your firm's mobile 'app-titude'?

Enterprises are rapidly moving ahead with development and deployment of a variety of mobile apps to make their mobile workers more productive, judging by the three stories in Wednesday's issue of FierceMobileIT.

Proposed EU roaming charge ban could help business travelers, hurt operators

A proposed European Union law ending mobile roaming charges in Europe could help business travelers but hurt mobile operators.

BYOD is about application architecture, not purchasing policy, says Gartner

IT leaders who make investment decisions should understand that BYOD is about application architecture and solution design, not about purchasing policy, advises research firm Gartner.

One-quarter of US adults continue to access documents from previous employer

More than one-quarter of file-sharing service users report still having access to documents from their previous employer, according to a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults by Harris Interactive for Egnyte.

More mobile workers say 'yes' to voice control, finds Forrester

More than one-third of 1,611 information workers with smartphones surveyed by Forrester Research use voice recognition to perform their tasks.