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Latest Headlines

Smart city projects are hot topic at MWC

Smart city projects, which use machine-to-machine communications and platforms to automate transportation systems, traffic and parking management and utilities, among other things, were a hot topic at this year's Mobile World Congress.

The mobile, customer experience connection

BARCELONA--As I met with various vendors last week at Mobile World Congress,  I saw a connection between mobile and customer experience management that I hadn't considered before.

Consumer mistrust of data usage big focus at MWC

While everyone at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is excited about the many new opportunities for monetizing customer data, growing customer mistrust is dampening hopes that such will be sustainable. Plans are underway to build consumer trust again. 

News Scan: Amazon dominates in mobile paid search; FCC's new speed-test iOS app; more

Quick rundown on the latest mobile IT news for Wednesday, 2/26 including: examples of how brick-and-mortar retailer Walmart's reluctance for mobile advertising is hurting them, the FCC's app for iOS users to test mobile data speeds announced at Mobile World Congress, Almex's rugged tablet for hostile work environments, Sierra Wireless unveils Linux-based platform for M2M apps and BlackBerry's new handsets.

Mozilla unveils low-cost smartphone to rival high-end options

In a bet that consumers want mobile devices with smartphone functionality without paying a premium for high-end models like the iPhone 5S or Samsung Galaxy S5, Mozilla unveiled the cheapest smartphone on the market at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on Feb. 23.

MEAP vendors look to new partnerships, deployment options, says Current Analysis

Mobile enterprise application platform vendors will increasingly look to new partnerships and deployment options, such as cloud services, judges Charlotte Dunlap, senior analyst for app platforms at Current Analysis.

Yankee Group at MWC 2013: Firefox OS gains buzz, operators push for RCS

At this year's installment of Mobile World Congress (MWC), held Feb. 25-28 in Barcelona, Spain, it was clear that the mobile ecosystem is moving forward. In 2012, we wrote about how the world's largest mobility trade show demonstrated the growing importance of devices and all things mobile in consumers' lives. If that was the case last year, the 2013 show proved that we're into a new stage in the era of mobility.

Visa's Gajda: Mobile payment space is not fragmented, and NFC will rule the market

Bill Gajda, Visa's global head of mobile since 2010, sat down with FMC's Sandhya Raman at last week's Mobile World Congress trade show to talk about these announcements and Visa's mobile strategy at large. The following is a lightly edited version of that conversation.

When it comes to big data, don't forget the network

Most of the focus in the big data marketplace has rightfully been on the storage, retrieval, analysis and security of information. But another important factor, especially when data is being shared across many entities, is the network that connects it all.

Mobile World Congress talks big data

Big data is expected to play a major role in the coming years.