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Latest Headlines

AppDynamics adds app-centric monitoring to AIP

The Spring 2015 update to AppDynamics' Application Intelligence Platform includes an application-centric monitoring tool that traces and monitors transactions from the end user through the entire application, according to a press release published on Business Wire. 

Spotlight: SignalFx monitors Docker at scale

Monitoring tools provider SignalFx has partnered with Docker to provide advanced monitoring of Docker containers at scale.

Opsmatic aims to do real-time monitoring right with new SaaS offering

Opsmatic has emerged from stealth with a real-time data platform and live-state monitoring service tailored specifically to DevOps-oriented organizations. According to the company, the Opsmatic service provides a precise, real-time picture of the detailed configuration and changes affecting computing infrastructure.

Security, functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments

Security and functionality gaps exist in beacon deployments at retailers and other early adopters, warns Mobiquity Labs.

BYOD and privacy: An uneasy balance

As we approach the holiday season, many of us are going to make gift purchase online while at work. While this is convenient for us, it is not necessarily the best thing in terms of our privacy or our company's security.