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Latest Headlines

To find out what cloud services they have, firms turn to cloud access security brokers

As more companies move sensitive data into the cloud, with or without the knowledge or control of IT, the demand to secure that data is increasing with it. One approach to data security in the cloud is called a cloud access security broker, or CASB.

Morgan Stanley axes employee allegedly responsible for stealing data on 350,000 clients

Morgan Stanley has fired an employee who allegedly stole data on wealth-management clients, the financial service firm announced on Monday.

News Scan: Future iPhone to have NFC chip; Invasion of the machines;

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for May 20, including the NFC predictions about the latest iPhone, the future of the M2M industry, the pervasion of the Internet of Things, How mobility has changed all aspects of retail and why Hong Kong is one of the most mobile places on Earth.

Big data slowing holiday sales

Morgan Stanley is predicting this holiday season will be the "worst since 2008' for a plethora of reasons--all associated with the economy and consumer behavior, according to a  Business Insider   post. But InsightsOne, a predictive analytics company, says that a big part of the problem in this dismal selling season is directly attributable to big data.

Hackers compel Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, other banks to collaborate

Security executives from Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and other Wall Street firms are getting together this month to talk about a system for sharing information to detect potential cyber threats,

Will the iPad replace the desktop PC?

Apple's iPad tablet computer appears to be proving itself as more than just a fun consumer gadget; it is already eating into sales of netbook computers, according to at least one analysis, and it may

Morgan Stanley email actions under scrutiny

Proper email retention and storage is a must these days, thanks to new compliance rules and regulations, and companies who don't follow the letter of the law could find themselves in hot water.

Time for an ethics strategy revamp?

The recent brouhaha at Morgan Stanley about tech leaders allegedly taking gifts and conducting unethical business transactions should be of note for today's IT executives. Many IT execs are now

Email at the center of Morgan Stanley investigation

Email is emerging as the most critical piece of evidence in an investigation at Morgan Stanley over whether executives and business leaders influenced the IT department to gain favors and gifts