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Latest Headlines

Mozilla pushes Firefox mobile browser for iOS devices with features similar to desktop offering

Enterprises that recommend workers use Firefox for their PCs can now access that browser on iOS devices. Mozilla released a mobile version of its Firefox browser for Apple smartphones and tablets this week.

Firefox to drop support for older plug-ins by 2016

Firefox will no longer support most NSAPI plug-ins by the end of 2016, announced Mozilla in a blog post, as part of its strategy for disabling support for legacy plug-ins. The only exception will be Adobe Flash, though Mozilla will specifically work with Adobe to help ensure that the Flash experience is one that is stable and secure.x

Mozilla tests new private browsing feature, adds IM to Firefox

Firefox 41 for the desktop is now available, and offers a new native messaging capability called Firefox Hello. Since most businesses already have preferred video conferencing and IM tools, it's unlikely to make much headway in the enterprise. 

Mozilla quietly adds advertisements to Firefox

Despite initially putting the plan on hold last year, Mozilla has quietly launched a feature known as Suggested Tiles, a product that displays ads on preset tiles in the Firefox browser. This was spotted and reported on by ZDNet.

Firefox zero-days exposed after compromise of privileged account

An unknown attacker was able to make away with a veritable treasure trove of security flaws after compromising a privileged Mozilla account to gain unauthorized access to the company's Bugzilla bug tracker tool.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Cisco and others join forces to create open media standard

Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mozilla and Google announced yesterday their Alliance for Open Media, a collaboration to reduce their respective reliance on expensive patented media technologies.

Mozilla experiments with true 'private browsing' on Firefox

Mozilla has released a new private browsing feature in a beta release of the Firefox browser that promises genuine private browsing.

East European attackers target zero-day vulnerability in Firefox's PDF viewer

East European attackers have been targeting a zero-day vulnerability in the Firefox browser's PDF viewer, warned Mozilla's Daniel Veditz in a blog post.

With Windows 10, a new salvo in the browser wars

Windows 10 shipped this week and with it a bevy of new apps from Microsoft. Chief among them is a replacement for the long derided Internet Explorer in the form of Edge. While the update to the baked-in browser is widely seen as an upgrade, users have found that an upgrade to Windows 10 will disregard the previous version's default browser and automatically institute Edge as Web surfing go-to.

HashiCorp invites anyone to use its Atlas infrastructure version control tool

The beta is over for HashiCorp's Atlas infrastructure version control system, and according to the company, it doubled nodes unders management each month for the half a year it was being tested in the public.