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Latest Headlines

Abandon hope of standardization, all ye who enter mobile app development

It is unlikely that app developers will ever see a standard approach to mobile app development, observes Suhas Uliyar, vice president of mobile strategy at Oracle.

With enterprise shift to mobility, employees clamor for mobile-optimized apps

As more enterprises fully adopt mobility, employees will clamor for enterprise apps that are optimized for mobility.

Hybrid mobile apps could be ticking security time bomb

Hybrid mobile apps, which are forecast by Gartner to account for half of all mobile apps by 2016, pose significant security risks, warns ICSA Labs.

Enterprise mobility fuels demand for mobile app development platform vendors

As more and more enterprise development teams build their own mobile apps, the demand for mobile application development platform vendors is growing.

Spotlight: Native apps or mobile web? Not a simple choice

Just make an app! What could be simpler?! Well, maybe a responsive web design could be simpler.

Is HTML vs. native the wrong debate?

When Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg told TechCrunch Disrupt attendees last month that betting on HTML5 for a mobile app was the biggest mistake Facebook has ever made, many other industry players were already working to convince other developers it was less of a gamble.

HTML5 versus Native Apps: The truth you need to know

Josh Martin Before delving in to the bulk of this article I should explicitly state that I think HTML5 is an important industry initiative and, if implemented correctly, it can have