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Latest Headlines

Garmin navigates its way in health, fitness wearables market

Garmin's first foray into the activity-tracking wearables market, vivofit, tracks steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned and even monitors sleep.

Iran spoofed GPS signals to trick drone into landing

Iran brought down a sophisticated U.S. stealth drone by spoofing its GPS-based navigation system, according to an Iranian engineer in an exclusive interview with the Christian Science Monitor. The

VZ Navigator goes global

Verizon Wireless launched a global version of its VZ Navigator service that lets travelers in North America and Western Europe find locations and access turn-by-turn directions. The service initially

LBS helps you find your way

By David Gill A decade ago, when I was on a road trip or a business trip to a new city, I would stop at a 7-Eleven store and buy a local map. This had two immediate benefits: 1) 7-Eleven sells ice