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Latest Headlines

AT&T's sponsored data plan could have enterprise appeal, but some argue it is anti-competitive

Last week, AT&T announced its sponsored data program, which allows users to "browse websites, stream video and enjoy apps … without impacting [their] monthly data allowance" by permitting companies sponsoring data content to pick up the tab on customers' charges. But some are questioning whether the move is anti-competitive.

FedEx's network: Faster than the speeding Internet

If you add up the capacity of the hard drives aboard FedEx's trucks and planes, the company has the power to transfer 150 exabytes of data on a daily basis, according to a rundown by Randall Munroe at XKCD. This translates to traffic moving at 14 petabytes per second, which is nearly 100 times the throughput of the Internet.

FCC to approve net neutrality rules

After a lot of discussion and much hand wringing, the FCC is set to approve net neutrality rules. If you're not clear why this important, I suggest you take a few moments to read Char James-Tanny's

FCC proposes net neutrality framework

The Federal Communications Commission on Wednesday put out a long-awaited proposal for network neutrality. Calling the proposed framework "basic rules of the road to preserve the open Internet as a

Tech policy likely to face gridlock in new Congress

What impact will the new Congress have on technology policy? Probably not much, according to Beltway prognosticators. With a Republican majority in the House and Democratic majority in the Senate,

What's all the fuss about net neutrality?

Guest post by Char James-TannyWho owns the Internet? No one. Who controls the Internet? No one (except in certain countries that censor content, and that's not ownership). So what's all of the ruckus

Should businesses care about net neutrality?

The net neutrality debate is often framed as pitting consumers against Internet Service Providers, but as demonstrators gathered on Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) doorstep recently to protest its proposed

Alleged Google, Verizon deal over net neutrality upends industry discussions

The debate in Washington over net neutrality was a constantly moving target last week. A rumor spread mid-week that while the major players were engaging in closed-door discussions at the Federal

FCC launches inquiry into framework for broadband rules

The FCC formally opened its inquiry into reclassifying broadband services so that it can establish some rules covering ISPs' obligations regarding non-discrimination, or net neutrality. The agency is

ISPs, Google form advisory group on network management

Following closely on the heels of the Federal Communications Commission's decision to try to establish some net neutrality rules, the major telephone and cable companies are teaming up with Google