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News Scan: Layoffs aside, Microsoft ponders H-1B worker hiring; Did internet providers mislead FCC regarding net neutrality?; More

The top news stories for Oct. 3, 2014.

Fair is fair, regardless of technology

I find CTIA's argument that wireless faces unique challenges that preclude equal treatment under the net neutrality rules unconvincing. As I've argued in this column before, it is reasonable to treat wireless and wireless carriers the same when it comes to net neutrality rules. Fair treatment is fair treatment, regardless of technology.--Fred

Wheeler at CTIA: Net neutrality, incentive auctions, and the mobile future

For my Editor's Corner, I want to take a deeper dive into FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's keynote Tuesday to kick off CTIA's Super Mobility Week, which I am attending.

Should net neutrality rules apply equally to wireless, wireline carriers?

While it seems reasonable to treat wireline and wireless networks carriers the same when it comes to net neutrality rules for the Internet, there might be less to the controversy than meets the eye. Mobile users are much more likely to use their devices to download apps than to the surf the web. So mobile users might have settled the issue regardless of what the FCC ultimately decides.

News Scan: FCC probes mobility, net neutrality nexus; Microsoft loses $1.2B on Surface;

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for May 19, including mobile net neutrality at the FCC, the money sink that is Microsoft Surface, Groupon's entrance into the POS market on iPads, Good Technology's planned IPO and how Phablet users differ from their smartphone and tablet counterparts.

News Scan: CEOs oppose regulating broadband for net neutrality; European firms plan more IT outsourcing; more

The top news stories for May 15, 2014.

News Scan: Net neutrality rules protests; FBI warns of healthcare cyberattack vulnerability; more

The top news stories for April 28, 2014.

AT&T's sponsored data plan could have enterprise appeal, but some argue it is anti-competitive

Last week, AT&T announced its sponsored data program, which allows users to "browse websites, stream video and enjoy apps … without impacting [their] monthly data allowance" by permitting companies sponsoring data content to pick up the tab on customers' charges. But some are questioning whether the move is anti-competitive.

FedEx's network: Faster than the speeding Internet

If you add up the capacity of the hard drives aboard FedEx's trucks and planes, the company has the power to transfer 150 exabytes of data on a daily basis, according to a rundown by Randall Munroe at XKCD. This translates to traffic moving at 14 petabytes per second, which is nearly 100 times the throughput of the Internet.

FCC to approve net neutrality rules

After a lot of discussion and much hand wringing, the FCC is set to approve net neutrality rules. If you're not clear why this important, I suggest you take a few moments to read Char James-Tanny's