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Latest Headlines

European Parliament passes law abolishing mobile roaming charges by June 2017

In a development that should be good news to business travelers in Europe, the European Parliament voted Tuesday to end mobile roaming charges across member countries by June 2017.

Cable and telecom industries file emergency motion to stop net neutrality

Analysts had predicted that the telecom and cable industries would not go down without a fight on net neutrality and they proved right yesterday, when all of the major associations in both industries filed an emergency motion to stop its implementation next month.

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First lawsuits filed to block net neutrality action

It had been suggested that the recent net neutrality vote by the FCC would be tied up for years in the courts, and the telecommunications industry hasn't disappointed, with the first lawsuits filed yesterday.

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Net neutrality campaigning comes down to the wire

With one week to go until the FCC votes on the issue of net neutrality, both sides in the debate are making their last minute pushes to influence commission members.

Obama's role in net neutrality decision under investigation

The U.S. House Oversight Committ has opened an investigation into whether the White House has exercised undue influence in the net neutrality proposal being considered by the FCC.

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