Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Network admins are increasingly sharing responsibilities with app developers

Developers will have more to do with the network architecture as enterprise networks increasingly become software-defined, according to Nathan Pearce, senior technical marketing manager for software-defined networking at F5 Networks.

Datadog extends cloud monitoring to OpenStack clouds

Noting growing interest in OpenStack among organizations building private clouds, Datadog unveiled an integration between its cloud monitoring application and the open source cloud software.

Pivotal Cloud Foundry's latest release promises faster time to production for apps

Pivotal unveiled a new version of its Cloud Foundry offering meant to make it even faster to get an application developed and into production.

Netflix resorts to mashing up Google, Ping for single sign-on

Netflix ended up mashing up technology from Google and Ping Identity to get a single sign on platform that serves its needs. 

Amazon's Sunday outage took down Netflix, Reddit and others

Amazon Web Services suffered another outage that took down the usual suspects, including Netflix, Reddit, Medium, Buffer, Airbnb, IMDB and Amazon's Instant Video and Alexa services. Every time a public cloud service provider outage occurs, there's a call for concern from many cloud naysayers and competitors. And although the effects from the outage were felt for about six hours from the first report, the impact on businesses isn't as great as it once was.

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Cisco and others join forces to create open media standard

Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Mozilla and Google announced yesterday their Alliance for Open Media, a collaboration to reduce their respective reliance on expensive patented media technologies.

Spotlight: Netflix moves everything to the cloud

Netflix began the process of moving to an Amazon Web Services cloud in 2008, and will soon be shutting down its last data center.

How the world's biggest online game League of Legends is relocating servers while users still play

User network connectivity is no game. That's why Los Angeles-based developer Riot Games took the problem seriously when users based on the East Coast complained about high latency, which their teammates and competitors on the West Coast saw in much smaller doses.

Microservices architecture offers security risks and benefits, NGINX exec says

It's no secret that microservices as a way to build and deploy applications is gaining a lot of interest from businesses of all sizes. In some ways, it feels like the next natural evolution of software and services development. But when it comes to security, there are differences in how dev and ops teams need to approach microservices.

Best practices for monitoring microservices, containers

Microservices architectures are changing the way applications are developed, deployed and maintained. That presents a whole host of new opportunities that may make it easier, eventually, to manage and update software, but it also presents some unique challenges. Take monitoring as an example.