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Latest Headlines

How the world's biggest online game League of Legends is relocating servers while users still play

User network connectivity is no game. That's why Los Angeles-based developer Riot Games took the problem seriously when users based on the East Coast complained about high latency, which their teammates and competitors on the West Coast saw in much smaller doses.

Microservices architecture offers security risks and benefits, NGINX exec says

It's no secret that microservices as a way to build and deploy applications is gaining a lot of interest from businesses of all sizes. In some ways, it feels like the next natural evolution of software and services development. But when it comes to security, there are differences in how dev and ops teams need to approach microservices.

Best practices for monitoring microservices, containers

Microservices architectures are changing the way applications are developed, deployed and maintained. That presents a whole host of new opportunities that may make it easier, eventually, to manage and update software, but it also presents some unique challenges. Take monitoring as an example.

Half of YouTube's video traffic comes from mobile devices

Half of all of YouTube's video traffic is coming from mobile devices, according to YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki.

Barely out of the gate, new Yahoo CIO unveils infrastructure changes

Yahoo recently appointed Mike Kail, who formerly worked at Netflix, as its new CIO and senior vice president of infrastructure.

Latest stage of net neutrality's war of the words ends with no victors

If a champion of the people was supposed to have emerged from the "public dialog" about how the Open Internet problem was to sort itself out, that champion was difficult to see for all the smoke.

Netflix: Free speech shouldn't be a factor in 'commercially reasonable'

While some net neutrality advocates have elevated the issue to the level of a human rights debate, one advocate is suggesting it be deflated to that of a business arrangement.

Spotlight: Who should pay for big content?

When it comes to big content providers, it doesn't get much bigger than Netflix.

Spotlight: Netflix coming soon to some US cable subscribers

Netflix will be offered on some U.S. cable provider set-top boxes for the first time.

Yahoo might try its hand at original video

Yahoo might try its hand at orginal Hollywood TV programming if reports are correct.