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Latest Headlines

Yahoo might try its hand at original video

Yahoo might try its hand at orginal Hollywood TV programming if reports are correct.

One little footnote from Netflix CEO sparks a peering debate

If the consumption of downstream bandwidth were the real issue here, argues Reed Hastings, then ISPs would owe fees to upstream services. Okay, maybe that's a non-argument, but it does make the current state of affairs seem just a little sillier.

Netflix might have mastered content for an audience of one

Everyone should have the goal of publishing for an audience of one, but Netflix might have achieved that goal.

What's gumming up your network?

Why it's Hulu, of course. That's what's gumming up your network. Duh.

Netflix/Comcast agreement rattles Internet economics

What's been happening among major providers over the past year and why it's bad for over-the-top providers like Netflix.

No, 'most' companies are not using big data

Companies not in the big data game now need to realize that it's not just their direct competitors they need to worry about--but a shift in total market ownership.

Netflix needs better operational monitoring tools

At our scale, humans cannot continuously monitor the status of all of our systems.  Lots of large enterprises could make that claim. This particular quote, however, comes from a company that also claims its customers "account for nearly a third of the downstream Internet traffic in North America during peak hours." This company? Netflix.

Get ready for the 'Attention' economy

We have transformed from an interrupt model to the Attention age. That means you have to come up with creative ways to keep your customer's attention moving forward.

Netflix, cable providers would surely make strange bedfellows

In a case of business making strange bedfellows, Comcast is in talk with Netflix to deliver Netflix content to cable customers.

Inside Netflix's cloud-based content delivery

Micro-services. The idea is to reduce each service to the smallest possible component--in order to reduce the impact should that service fail.