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Latest Headlines

Twilio releases API to unify messaging services

Twilio is releasing out a new API designed to orchestrate notifications across SMS, push notifications and messaging applications.

Wells Fargo exec: OpenStack should make way for legacy apps because they aren't going away

While some vendors may argue that OpenStack just isn't suitable for running legacy apps, businesses say it's a requirement that they be able to run such apps in OpenStack. Rather than force a reworking of legacy apps to fit the cloud, better for the OpenStack community to figure out how to make OpenStack friendlier to legacy apps, an executive from Wells Fargo said during a panel at the OpenStack Summit.

News Scan: Pepsi shuns Android; Fugitive McAfee pushes secure messaging;

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for May 6, including Pepsi's iOS preference, the secretive texting app international fugitive McAfee is pushing, the expected increase in the DAS industry, Nike's move from hardware to app developer for wearables and where experts see the ADAS market headed.

News Scan: Nike cuts loose most of FuelBand team; PayPal tops for mobile payments; more

Read the latest in mobile IT news for April 21, including how Nike slashed most of its FuelBand team, why slow response times kill mobile sites, which mobile payment service was the most used, the benefits of connected trucks and vehicles and the expected growth in the wireless network security market.

Spotlight: Onshore, offshore, onshore, repeat

Nike makes apparel, yes. But it also makes a lot of software these days.

Spotlight: Nike finds that some IT jobs just need Americans

When it comes to developing apps for the company's wearable technology, executives at Nike found that their offshore talent couldn't 'Just Do It.'

Companies unveil data tracking devices for the human body

Personal data tracking devices like the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit have grown increasingly popular with individuals who want to track their physical activity and metabolic rate without the trouble of manual measurements and notes. But that is just the tip of the iceberg of collecting data from the body. Technology now enables automatic monitoring of the body's activities.

Path 2.1 integrates Nike+ GPS, adds Music Match

Mobile social network Path released version 2.1 of its Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS application, concurrently unveiling the first version of the Path API to enable users to share stories and information

Nike kicks off mobile multimedia campaign

Athletic shoe giant Nike is poised to launch Nike PhotoiD, a new pan-European mobile marketing service enabling consumers to create customized shoes based on images they snap via mobile device. After