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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Mario goes mobile

Nintendo, the gaming company that gave birth to Mario, has finally decided to develop mobile games.

Android games generate more cash than Sony, Nintendo handhelds in Q2

Consumer spending on games created for Google's Android outstripped spending on titles for gaming-optimized handheld devices for the first time ever during the second quarter of 2013, App Annie and IDC report.

IDC: Consumers spending more on iOS, Android games than handheld titles

Consumer spending on mobile games optimized for Apple's iOS and Google's Android combined to eclipse spending on handheld titles published for the Sony PSP and Nintendo 3DS platforms during the fourth quarter of 2012, according to a new report issued by research firm IDC and mobile analytics firm App Annie.

Spotlight: Top 10 connected TV interfaces

Connected TVs and devices ranging from gaming consoles to Blu-ray players are making it easier for consumers to watch both movies and hit TV series without having to rely on a cable or satellite TV subscription. FierceCable takes a look at the top 10 connected TV interfaces on the market today.

Nintendo's Iwata: 3DS momentum in the U.S. is weak

Nintendo's 3DS portable gaming device is struggling to gain traction in the U.S. and European markets, the company's president Satoru Iwata conceded during its annual shareholders meeting.

Nintendo launching super-sized 3DS XL gaming handheld on August 19

Nintendo has unveiled the 3DS XL, a revamped version of its 3DS portable gaming unit touting a touchscreen 90 percent larger than its predecessor.

How much longer can Nintendo ignore mobile gaming?

Say this much for Nintendo: It sticks to its guns. Roughly every two months, the Japanese gaming giant publicly reaffirms its unwavering resistance to expanding its properties to the mobile

Nintendo 3DS to reach U.S. stores this March

Gaming giant Nintendo will release its new 3DS handheld game player in Japan on Feb. 26, with the device rolling out to U.S. and European consumers the following month. Priced at $300 for Japanese

New Nintendo device touts glasses-free 3D gaming

Gaming giant Nintendo announced the pending launch of the Nintendo 3DS, a handheld gaming device platform promising users a 3D gaming experience without requiring special glasses. Boasting a

Nintendo to release DSi XL handheld on March 5

Gaming giant Nintendo announced it will release the DSi XL--a larger version of its bestselling DSi handheld device--on March 5. Boasting two 4.2-inch LCD screens (compared to 3.25 inches on a