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Latest Headlines

NIST prepares to defend encrypted data from quantum computer threat

While we have plenty of data threats to worry about now, the National Institute of Standards and Technology says we should be looking at future threats now too. One they've spotted is a quantum computer threat to encrypted data. The NIST is already taking stepts to address it.

Spotlight: How NIST hopes to solve the wireless spectrum problem

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is trying to solve the problem of not enough wireless spectrum for the various technologies using it.

NIST wants manufacturers' help in developing wireless network test bed

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is looking for help from manufacturing firms in developing a tool to help them deploy the right wireless network at their facilities.

Private and public sectors are companions in bold new IoT future

The more Internet of Things devices are connected through networks, the more entry points there will be for dangerous elements. If IoT is to flourish safely and securely, the private and public sector must work in concert to create a regulated yet creative environment, according to a panel at the Federal Mobile Computing Summit.

Vetting enterprise mobile apps is a must, NIST says

The National Institute of Standards and Technology offers a guide to firms planning on deploying mobile applications in order to ensure the apps work effectively and securely.

Virtual machines can go rogue, warns NIST

Virtual machines can go rogue because of misconfiguration of the hypervisor or malicious device drivers and be used to launch attacks against the network, warns the national Institute of Standards and Technology in a draft security guidance.

NIST awards MITRE up to $5B to support cybersecurity center

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has awarded defense contractor MITRE an initial $29 million contract to support the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, set up in cooperation with Maryland to assist private sector firms with cybersecurity. The contract could be worth up to $5 billion over a 25-year period.

NIST wants your feedback on its cybersecurity framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology, or NIST, wants feedback from U.S. industry about how its voluntary cybersecurity framework for critical infrastructure published earlier this year is working.

NIST group to NSA: Keep your hands off our encryption

An advisory group set up the National Institute for Standards and Technology to examine revelations about the National Security Agency's involvement in the NIST encryption process is warning that NIST must be able to reject NSA "advice" about cryptography "when warranted."

The NIST Framework: Cybersecurity's best line of defense

Joseph M. Barton outlines why the NIST Framework is an excellent foundation upon which any organization can build its information security program.