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Latest Headlines

Nokia Music for Windows Phone 8 adds gig notifications, favorite artist alerts

Nokia released an updated version of its Music streaming service for Microsoft's Windows Phone 8, adding concert notifications and new release alerts.

Shazam expands to Windows Phone 8 with links to Xbox Music, Nokia Music

Shazam is extending its media discovery platform to Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system, bringing unlimited music tagging and second-screen television experiences as well as social sharing via Facebook and Twitter.

Nokia launches Music+ subscription service for Lumia phones

Nokia is rolling out a premium tier upgrade for its Lumia-exclusive streaming music service, introducing new and expanded features giving consumers greater control over their listening experience.

Nokia admits to blunders in initial Comes with Music launch

In an interview with The Telegraph, the head of Nokia's Comes with Music effort admitted the company made some missteps in its launch of the much-hyped offering in the United Kingdom. "When we