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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: B&N Nook spending drops over 70 percent in latest filing

In their latest quarterly filing, Nook announced it had cut year over year spending by 74 percent.

Barnes and Noble denies it has laid off most of Nook hardware staff

Last week, Business Insider was reporting that Barnes and Noble had laid off its Nook hardware engineers, which would have effectively marked the end of the line for the Nook eReader, but Barnes and Noble says the story isn't accurate, and they will continue to make Nooks moving forward.

Nook sales plunge again

Barnes and Noble had another dismal quarter and Nook was the worst part of it.

Barnes and Noble updates open source EPUBCheck tool

Barnes and Noble released updates to the open source ePUB validator tool.

Looks like Barnes and Noble held Nook too long

Barnes and Noble might have held onto the Nook division for too long, and now it faces a crowded market.

Barnes & Noble's Nook revenues plummet 20%, new products still planned

Barnes & Noble reiterated its commitment to the Nook Media business after the digital unit reported fiscal first-quarter revenues of $153 million, a 20.2 percent year-over-year decline.

Barnes & Noble premieres free Nook Video apps

Barnes & Noble is rolling out a suite of free Nook Video applications enabling consumers to view movies and television shows from the Nook library across a variety of mobile devices and streaming media players.

Nook sales plunge 20 percent

Barnes and Noble drops the price of the Simple Touch with Glow Light, but it's likely much too late to matter, as the Nook division continues to lose money.

Barnes and Noble, bleeding money, to stop making Nook tablets in-house

Barnes and Noble reported significant losses in its earnings report this week, and that's not good news for Nook.

Barnes & Noble opening Nook platform to other tablet makers

Barnes & Noble is opening its Nook e-reader platform to third-party electronics manufacturers, a move to limit overhead costs and reduce its losses in the competitive tablet segment.