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Latest Headlines

Office for iPad: Does it live up to the hype?

Redmond has finally released Microsoft Office for the iPad, nearly four years after the first-generation iPad was releaded in April 2010. 

News Scan: Finally, a way for BlackBerry to make money; Has mobile made Office obsolete?; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for March 25, including BlackBerry's plans to make money from BBM, the potential dying out of Microsoft Office, non-trucking commercial fleets increasingly turning to telematics, the expected improvements for the wearable device battery industry and the growing market for tablet hybrids.

Microsoft changes Office Web Apps to Office Online

Microsoft renamed its free version of Office last week in an effort to eliminate some of the confusion around the old name, but somehow there are still too many online Office domains.

News Scan: Microsoft mobile app lets you control presentations; iPad dominates mobile email marketing sales; More

Quick takes on mobile IT news for Wednesday, 11/20 including: controlling presentations via Windows Phone 8 devices, domination of iPad users in mobile online sales, retailers beef up mobile technology and strategy, the effect BYOD, MDM, big data and app management have on enterprise mobility and the latest in the Samsung/Apple patent case.

Bug in Office 2013 update causes Outlook folder pane to go blank for some

The KB2817630 update released for Office 2013 in this week's massive Patch Tuesday results in the folder pane in Outlook being blanked out.

Spotlight: Apple offers iWork for free

During the launch of its new iPhone 5S and 5C, Apple made an announcement to cheer those who use their iPhones for work.

Office Mobile for iPhone is 'game changer' for Microsoft, says analyst

Microsoft's launch of Office Mobile for the iPhone will be a "game changer that will shift momentum back on the Redmond giant's side," predicted Tony Bradley, an independent analyst and  Forbes  contributor.

Microsoft releases Office for iOS

Long after rumors first surfaced about the possibility of Office 2013 making its appearance on iOS devices, Microsoft this week finally released a version of Office for iOS.

Add-on offers Office doc viewing in Google Chrome

Google has announced the availability of an add-on that lets users view Microsoft Office documents in the Chrome Web browser.

Box announces new editing features at BoxWorks

Box introduced a couple of in-place editing tools this week that address a long-time pain point for Box users.