Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Microsoft Office 2016 may launch Sept. 22, according to reported leaked internal websites

The popular Microsoft Office 2016 will launch late next month, at least according to screenshots of reportedly leaked internal websites.

Google announces new Drive plugin for Microsoft Office

Google has announced the availability of the new Google Drive plugin for Microsoft Office.

Office 365 helps Microsoft make far more money from its enterprise customers

Microsoft makes significantly more from enterprises who sign up for its Office 365 E3 plan than those who purchase Office software directly.

Microsoft courts cloud-wary enterprises with new Office 365 updates

Microsoft has unveiled new features and initiatives to improve transparency and customers' control over their content in Office 365.

Microsoft to integrate mobile apps into Cyanogen's Android-based OS

Under a partnership deal announced Thursday, Microsoft will integrate its mobile apps with Cyanogen's Android-based open mobile operating system.  

Windows 10 preview for phones has glitchy, bug-filled apps

As expected, Microsoft released on Friday another build of its Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones. Based on the bugs already identified by Microsoft and ones uncovered by Bright, Redmond still has a long way to go to fulfill on its promise of universal apps.

Microsoft releases Office 2016 Preview for Windows

Microsoft has released the Office 2016 Preview for Windows, which comes with significant improvements to Outlook.

Part way through the race, Microsoft starts to play nice

Microsoft is opening the door to more integration between Office and third-party cloud storage companies. At one time, these moves could have made life a lot easier for mobile workers trying to get a grip on accessing and managing their files. At this point though, it could be a bit too late.

New partnership allows Office iOS users to edit, save documents to Box

Box today joins Citrix and Salesforce as members in Microsoft's Cloud Storage Partner Program. Two new integrations allow businesses to access content from any device or platform, and will support native integrations for Office for iPad and iPhone, and Office Online.

Microsoft releases Office, Outlook apps to boost its mobile clout

Microsoft Thursday announced the official full release of its suite of Office applications for Android and versions of its popular email tool Outlook for Android and iOS, according to a release from the company.