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Latest Headlines

Report: Microsoft spending on its cloud data center spikes

Microsoft had one of its biggest spending sprees on cloud infrastructure in company history this past quarter, Data Center Knowledge reported yesterday. The Redmond technology giant has seen a 65 percent increase in data center expenditures year over year, according to Data Center Knowledge's report on the company's recent quarter earnings call.

Spotlight: New safety feature helps Office 365 subscribers fight email fraud

The new "Safety Tips" will be showing up at the top of emails. These tips come in the form of differently colored bars which let you know if an email is safe, suspicious and known to be fraudulent.

Stop switching between apps to get work done with Microsoft's Hub Keyboard iOS app

Microsoft unveiled its multitasking-friendly Hub Keyboard app for iOS Thursday, and it could prove useful for business users.

Brazen or crazy? Polaris Office goes head to head with Microsoft and Google

Korea-based Polaris Office has decided to expand its cloud-based office productivity suite to desktop computers and launch in the U.S. market, in direct competition with Microsoft Office and Google for Work. If you think that sounds crazy, it is.

With new security offerings, Microsoft said it's serious about battling attacks on the enterprise

Microsoft rolled out a long list of new security services on Thursday, part of what it descrbed as a new focus on security laid out recently by company CEO Satya Nadella. 

Look out, Gmail and Yahoo! Mail: The new Outlook.com version looks amazing

Microsoft announced that its new version of Outlook.com, in preview with a limited pool of users since last May, will start rolling out worldwide immediately.

Only a tiny percentage of companies are actually using cloud email

Gartner looked at records for 40,000 public companies and found that only 13 percent use cloud email.   

Cloud products lead to Microsoft upswing

It seems that CEO Satya Nadella's forward-thinking revamp for Microsoft has impressed at least one big Wall Street firm. Goldman Sachs last week issued a report that reconsidered the once floundering tech giant, upgrading Microsoft's stock from a "sell" to "neutral."

Microsoft announces unlimited storage option, new sync client for OneDrive for Business

Microsoft has finally made clear its OneDrive storage limits for enterprise Office 365 subscribers, a week after it apologized for how the recent decision to limit the storage for OneDrive for consumers was handled. In a nutshell, certain customers will get unlimited storage, while the rest will have to settle for 1TB of storage.

Microsoft offers preview of new Planner project management tool

Microsoft released its project management tool, Office 365 Planner, as a preview to Office 365 First Release customers.