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Latest Headlines

FT exec: HTML5 is not dead

SAN FRANCISCO--"The reports of the death of HTML5 are greatly exaggerated," said Rob Grimshaw, managing director of FinancialTimes.com, the European news outlet. Grimshaw said the FT's decision in 2011 to focus on HTML5 instead of native apps has resulted in increased mobile usage and revenues for the company.

Walmart tests in-store location service via smartphone app

SAN FRANCISCO--Walmart is testing a technology that will allow smartphone users to search for specific items in a store and find their exact location in that store. The company is testing the service in its San Jose, Calif., store, said Gibu Thomas, SVP of mobile and digital at Walmart.

LinkedIn replaces HTML5-powered search with native code on iPad app

SAN FRANCISCO--LinkedIn said it recently replaced the HTML5-powered search function on its iPad app with native code. Joff Redfern, head of mobile products at LinkedIn, said the company recorded a 20 percent increase in searches on its iPad app as a result of the change.

T-Mobile CMO hints at video content plans, video chat service

SAN FRANCISCO--According to a top company executive, T-Mobile USA is considering services that would deliver faster and more comprehensive video services to subscribers, and is also looking at ways to offer interoperable video calling services.

Carriers should customize Android phones, says Google Ventures exec

SAN FRANCISCO--Wireless carriers should spend more time and money creating unique and useful interfaces for their Android phones, according to Google Ventures Chief Rich Miner.