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Latest Headlines

Infographic: Mobile video stalling continues to frustrate consumers

Mobile video stalling and buffering continues to be a problem, with stalling rates that range between 40 percent and 73 percent of all videos played in the U.S., Brazil, Russia, India and Indonesia, according to a study by web browser firm Opera, OpenSignal and On Device Research.

Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera say 'Non' to French agency certificates

Microsoft, Mozilla and Opera have followed Google's lead and revoked rogue digital certificates issued by a subordinate certificate authority of the French cybersecurity agency, Computerworld reports.

Is web development getting easier... or harder?

Developing websites for desktops just got easier this week with the release of Opera 15, the first web browser from Opera Software that incorporates the open-sourced WebKit rendering engine.

WebKit-powered Opera 15 released

Opera this week released Opera 15, its first desktop browser that incorporates the open-source WebKit instead of its own homegrown rendering engine. Opera Software had announced its decision to adopt WebKit in February this year, citing its performance and adherence to standards. Opera has also switched to Google's V8 JavaScript engine.

Opera for Android exits beta, touts new Web access features

Opera Software is rolling out the finalized version of its WebKit-based mobile browser for Google's Android operating system.

Firefox boycotts Apple over iOS browser restrictions

A Mozilla exec said that the Firefox browser will not be available for iPhones and iPads until Apple loosens its browser restrictions.

Opera targets Chinese market with Oupeng mobile browser

Opera Software introduced Oupeng, a new mobile browser developed for the enormous Chinese subscriber market. In addition to leveraging Opera's signature data compression technology, which increases

Spotlight: Leading web browsers face off

A new scorecard, featured on sister publication FierceCIO:TechWatch, shows how the top five web browsers compare on a variety of metrics. As the battle for users grows more intense, the browsers have

Mac App Store could expose users to security risks from older, insecure versions

Security researcher and blogger Joshua Long has charged Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) Mac App Store with putting the computer security of users at risk due to its slow pace of updates. Citing the example of

Chrome approaches 10 percent of the browser market

Google's (NASDAQ: GOOG) Chrome browser has grown steadily in popularity and user adoption, and finally settled at a mere whisker from 10 percent (9.98 percent) of the market share in the month of