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Latest Headlines

Workday has Oracle in its sights, execs still smarting from PeopleSoft takeover

Workday demoed today its new Workday Financial Management service, a set of functions it's building into its software that provide real-time insight for organizations to optimize their internal operations.

Oracle keeps up pace while headed to the cloud, acquires Maxymiser

Oracle today announced it plans to acquire Maxymiser. Maxymiser provides cloud-based software to marketers who can then test, target and personalize what a customer will see on a website or mobile app. 

Oracle updates Service Cloud, Social Cloud so companies can analyze customer comments

Tech giant Oracle rolled out Monday new features for its Service Cloud and Social Cloud – all with the intention of creating a better way for companies to harness customer data and feedback via social channels.

Infor/GT Nexus race Oracle and SAP for 'control tower' in supply chain IoT, analytics

Call it the data economy or call it the data wars. In any case, the race is on to control as large a share of the market's data as possible. Enter ERP software supplier Infor's announcement that it is buying GT Nexus for $675 million in a deal expected to close fast, less than 45 days. What's the big deal and the big rush? It's a race to build the first control tower in supply chain IoT and analytics. The winner gets the lion's share of the market for years to come.

Oracle doesn't want you looking for bugs. Or does it?

Oracle's chief security officer, Mary Ann Davidson, wrote a pretty bizarre blog post on Tuesday morning that was promptly removed. In the post, which is still available at the time of writing via Google cache, she tells customers that it's illegal for them to look for bugs in Oracle software and that customers would save everyone a lot of time if they'd just trust Oracle to deliver clean software.

With Aurora, AWS offers another way to lock in users

Amazon Web Services said Aurora, its My-SQL compatible database engine, is now available for anyone to use. While the offering gives users a cheaper alternative to the expensive commercial MySQL products, it also further locks users into AWS. 

Twitter, Oracle, AT&T join in on container standardization work

Just a month old and the Open Container Initiative has a draft charter and specification and has racked up some new, big-name members, including Twitter, Oracle, AT&T and Verizon, it announced today.

Xamarin teams with Oracle for more seamless mobile enterprise app back-end support

Xamarin announced this week an integrated solution with Oracle for developers to more smoothly combine their front-end applications with back-end processes.

Spotlight: Oracle scores temporary victory in API dispute with Google

Oracle has won a victory, albeit temporary, with the Supreme Court over an API dispute it's been having with Google. Oracle believes it owns copyright over Java-based APIs and is currently suing...

Late to the game, Oracle finally sees the value of the cloud

Oracle introduced new cloud services and sought to position itself as a leader in the cloud market, during a webcast event on Tuesday. But while Oracle surely has a good shot at converting its legacy software business to the cloud, it's late to the game and has a lot of work to do before it can claim a leadership position in the broader cloud market.