Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Oracle to acquire Opower, will become largest provider of cloud for utilities industry

Oracle has agreed to pay $532 million for Opower, which provides customer engagement and energy efficiency cloud services to utilities.

Attackers could have gained remote access to Oracle's Database Server prior to patch

Attackers could have gained remote control of Oracle's popular Database Server by exploiting security holes that Oracle plugged this week.

Oracle will reportedly bring its cloud on-premise with new Exadata offering

Oracle has plans to introduce an on-premises version of the Exadata cloud service, a report at Computer Business Review said. The aim is to allow customers to deploy the service on their own servers while still maintaining the benefits of a cloud service.

Oracle to acquire Crosswise to boost cross-device data insights for reported $50M

Oracle has signed an agreement to acquire Crosswise, a machine-learning data company, for a reported $50 million. The move could help develop tech that marketers could use to fulfill the increasing demand for more personalized advertising and experiences. 

Survey: Enterprises remain cautious about embracing cloud and big data

If you think all IT departments are racing to adopt cloud, big data, Internet of Things, or IoT, and mobile technology, you'd be wrong.

Oracle adds help desk, offline mobile learning to HCM Cloud portfolio

Oracle is adding a help desk app to its Human Capital Management, or HCM, Cloud portfolio that will give HR managers more visibility into workforce, search capabilities, and case management and escalation capabilities, along with other new features.

Individualized experiences are needed, but few companies are prepared to offer them

More and more people are expecting individualized experiences from companies. Companies recognize how big an influence such offerings could have on revenue, yet very few are prepared to deliver these experiences to their customers and employees, an Oracle study finds.

Oracle leadership not worried about Azure, AWS database services

Both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have launched cloud database services, but database legacy vendor Oracle isn't worried. But maybe Oracle executives should be.

Are you vulnerable to this more than 2-year-old Java flaw?

You could be one of millions of Java users vulnerable to a more than 2-year-old flaw in the software that Oracle was supposed to have fixed — but didn't.

Spotlight: Microsoft joins Eclipse Foundation

Microsoft's embrace of open source software continues.