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Latest Headlines

With Aurora, AWS offers another way to lock in users

Amazon Web Services said Aurora, its My-SQL compatible database engine, is now available for anyone to use. While the offering gives users a cheaper alternative to the expensive commercial MySQL products, it also further locks users into AWS. 

Twitter, Oracle, AT&T join in on container standardization work

Just a month old and the Open Container Initiative has a draft charter and specification and has racked up some new, big-name members, including Twitter, Oracle, AT&T and Verizon, it announced today.

Xamarin teams with Oracle for more seamless mobile enterprise app back-end support

Xamarin announced this week an integrated solution with Oracle for developers to more smoothly combine their front-end applications with back-end processes.

Spotlight: Oracle scores temporary victory in API dispute with Google

Oracle has won a victory, albeit temporary, with the Supreme Court over an API dispute it's been having with Google. Oracle believes it owns copyright over Java-based APIs and is currently suing...

Late to the game, Oracle finally sees the value of the cloud

Oracle introduced new cloud services and sought to position itself as a leader in the cloud market, during a webcast event on Tuesday. But while Oracle surely has a good shot at converting its legacy software business to the cloud, it's late to the game and has a lot of work to do before it can claim a leadership position in the broader cloud market.

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The top news stories for June 18, 2015.

Spotlight: Cloud native is the next big development paradigm shift

In every generation there must come a paradigm shift in software development. The next major one is in cloud-native applications.

Accenture, Oracle extend partnership to form new cloud business unit

Oracle and Accenture have shaken hands on a new agreement that will see the two companies form a joint business group to "help customers embrace the cloud."

Oracle releases final batch of public security updates to Java 7

The April set of updates released by Oracle this week marks the last public security update for Java 7; enterprises should either upgrade to Java 8 or pay for support contracts.

Spotlight: Big Data conference loses sponsors due to Indiana's new discrimination law

The new religious freedom laws recently enacted in Indiana have deterred many sponsors for sticking around.