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Latest Headlines

Google, Facebook dominate 70% of worldwide mobile ad revenue

Google and Facebook will combine to control close to 70 percent of worldwide mobile ad revenue share in 2013, eMarketer reports.

Pandora dumps 40-hour monthly mobile listening cap thanks to ad sales

Pandora Media is removing a 40-hour monthly listening limit on its free mobile streaming music service, stating it is able to make the change thanks to increasing mobile advertising revenues.

Report: Apple's iTunes Radio terms more generous than Pandora

Apple has begun circulating financial terms of its forthcoming iTunes Radio streaming music service to independent record labels, with  The Wall Street Journal  reporting that many of the stipulations are more generous to labels than their current agreements with rival Pandora Media.

BMI sues Pandora, dismisses radio station purchase as a 'stunt'

Rights management organization Broadcast Music Inc. has filed suit against Pandora Media, petitioning the Federal Rate Court to set royalty fees for all music played across the streaming music platform.

Pandora caps free mobile listening as royalty costs surge

Pandora Media is imposing new monthly listening limits on its free mobile streaming music service, a measure to help the firm address mounting royalty fees.