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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Microsoft drops lawsuit to get Office pre-installed on Asus devices

Microsoft has agreed to drop its lawsuit against Asus in exchange for getting its popular Office software pre-installed on Asus' Android devices, reported The Next Web

Security firm Identiv awarded 4 mobility patents

Identiv, a Fremont, California-based security firm, has been awarded four patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for near-field communications, mobile and security inventions.

News Scan: New hires need mobility briefing; Judge rejects Apple's bid to ban Samsung phones; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT news for Aug. 28, including the key to educating new hires on company BYOD policy, the latest in the Samsung and Apple court drama, a tagalong announcement with the iPhone 6, how RFID products are changing an industry and the retail ecosystem and electronic shelf labels.

US Supreme Court: Only software, not abstract ideas, can be patented

One of the most silent justices during oral arguments to ever sit on the bench, Clarence Thomas, makes his voice heard in explaining what methods do not deserve a patent.

Google, Apple broker deal to stay out of court

Google and Apple, longtime legal sparring partners in the mobile realm, called a truce Friday in a joint statement that announced the two would suspend any outstanding smartphone patent litigation against one another. The two tech companies said they will work together to remedy the country's muddled patent system.

US House acts to rein in 'patent trolls'

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill aimed at reforming patent regulations, in particular reining in so-called patent trolls. A Senate panel will begin considering a similar measure on Dec. 17.

News scan: Samsung inks Nokia patent deal; Baby Boomers lax with mobile security; more

Quick take on Monday, 11/4 news including: Samsung and Nokia team up, how Baby Boomers handle online and device security, telework policies down under, ABI's prediction of small cells and a SpiderCloud launch.

Judge throws out Apple motion against iOS app patent troll Lodsys

A Texas judge has dismissed a motion that would have allowed Apple to intervene on behalf of iOS developers targeted in a lawsuit filed by patent holding company Lodsys, effectively crippling Apple's ability to defend the thriving iOS application ecosystem.

Report: BlackBerry sale interest tepid, suitors want to carve up company

A handful of private equity firms and other potential bidders are circling embattled phone maker BlackBerry, but interest is tepid and some buyers are expressing interest in parts of its business rather than the whole company,  Reuters  reports.

Who owns IP in a BYOD environment?

While BYOD has helped improve productivity for workers and provided IT flexibility for companies, it has also raised a number of sticking issues around privacy, legal liability and intellectual property ownership. Here are some tips for companies to protect their IP through BYOD policies.