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Latest Headlines

Senate panel passes mobile phone 'unlocking' bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved on Thursday legislation that would enable consumers to "unlock" their mobile phone when their service contract is up and switch to another carrier.

Obama's NSA moves divide powerful Senate Democrats

President Obama's decision to allow the National Security Agency to continue bulk collection of phone record metadata on U.S. citizens--but to designate a third party to hold the data once it is collected--has split powerful Senate Democrats.

The PATRIOT Act: Shouldn't we be stunned and angry already?

The USA PATRIOT Act marked its 10th anniversary last week, making this a good time to reflect on what the counter-terrorism law has meant to our constitutional democracy, individual freedoms and

Google, Apple will testify before Senate as mobile phone privacy debate spirals

In the wake of growing concern over consumer mobile phone privacy, both Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) and Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) have agreed to testify at a May 10 Senate hearing on the topic. And cell phone