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Latest Headlines

PayPal history, not credit history, fuels new 0% interest business loan

PayPal has launched PayPal Working Capital, a credit offering that merchants can apply for based on their PayPal transaction history instead of their credit history. Beyond that complete sidestep of the traditional, credit bureaus are borrowing terms that are highly competitive with traditional lenders. In the way of disruption, you can think of PayPal's play as a "two-fer." 

eBay acquires Braintree digital payments platform for $800M

eBay has reached an agreement to acquire digital commerce startup Braintree Payments Solutions for approximately $800 million in cash.

Facebook rolls out Autofill in-app mobile payments feature

Facebook is launching a new payments tool enabling consumers to make purchases within mobile applications using their Facebook login information.

Report: PayPal close to deal to acquire Braintree payments platform

eBay-owned PayPal is nearing an agreement to acquire startup Braintree Payments Solutions,  The Wall Street Journal  reports.

PayPal introduces Beacon hands-free mobile payments system

eBay-owned PayPal unveiled Beacon, an add-on technology enabling consumers to complete in-store mobile payments without removing their phone.

PayPal overhauls iOS, Android apps with new payment options, offers

eBay-owned PayPal is rolling out updated applications for Apple's iOS and Google's Android, making it easier for users to complete mobile payments at restaurants and retailers.

Report: Facebook trialing in-app mobile payments platform

Facebook is poised to launch a new payments platform enabling consumers to make purchases within mobile applications using their Facebook login information,  AllThingsD  reports.

PayPal co-cofounder wants to make you pregnant

Big data commonly births innovation and creative thinking and our world is the better for it. Just don't expect incumbent industries to be happy about it.

eBay: Mobile generated 30% of new users in Q2

Almost 30 percent of new eBay users added in the second quarter of 2013 signed up via mobile device, the digital marketplace said Wednesday.

Why Walmart poses a major threat to the mobile payments hierarchy

It's been roughly nine months since more than a dozen leading U.S. retailers including Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Sears and 7-Eleven first banded together to create Merchant Customer Exchange, a nationwide mobile commerce network designed to support smartphone-enabled purchases, consumer offers and mobile marketing promotions. The MCX initiative remains a work in progress, but here's what we know.