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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's Continuum designed to make smartphones a less frustrating work tool

While smartphones are super portable, they have never been ideal tools for work-related tasks beyond checking email and texting. Well Microsoft wants to change that with the launch of Continuum for mobile phones running Windows 10 at its Build conference this week.

Starwood CEO ditches PC for iPhone, iPad with keyboard

Frits van Paasschen, CEO of Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, has ditched his PC for an iPhone and an iPad with a keyboard.

Today's best-dressed entrepreneur sports a smartphone

Perhaps it comes as no surprise, but the smartphone has just edged out the laptop as the top business tool among young entrepreneurs.

Tech support scams now targeting mobile devices

Mobile device users no longer need to feel left out of tech support scams because they are now being targeted by scammers, says security Jerome Segura in a blog.

Spotlight: Tablet shipments blow past PCs even faster than expected

The first iPad wasn't announced until 2010. So it's quite impressive that tablets are expected to outship desktop and laptop computers by the last quarter of 2013. Market research firm IDC...

Mac v. PC: The next chapter

Macs remain more expensive than PCs to this day, but more companies are discovering offsets--including improved productivity, lower support costs and better security--that justify the price difference.

Gartner predicts slow uptake in Windows 8 enterprise use

Orlando, Fla.-- Microsoft is hoping Windows 8 will shore up its position in the enterprises, which has been eroded by inroads from BYOD devices such as Apple's iPhone and iPad and Google's Android phone. Gartner, for one, is throwing some cold water on Microsoft's hopes.

Tablets, smartphones to drive double-digit growth in smart device shipments

Demand for tablets and smartphones is expected to drive 14 percent compound annual growth in shipments of smart-connected devices, surpassing 2 billion units in 2016, predicts research firm IDC.

Dell to cut $2B in costs in pursuit of enterprise

Computer maker Dell is in the midst of a belt-tightening, restructuring effort designed to help the company rise above a consumer PC market under siege from the mobile computing movement, and become better equipped to chase the potentially more rewarding market for enterprise IT solutions.

More on the PC's purported coming extinction

Between Hewlett-Packard's planned layoff of more than 27,000 employees and Dell's earnings for the first quarter this year, the writing is on the wall.