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Latest Headlines

AT&T adds direct billing for business data on BYOD devices

BYOD has caused challenges for companies trying to separate personal from business expenses related to smartphone voice and data usage. Well, AT&T for one is now offering direct billing for business data use on personal devices to its AT&T Work Platform customers.

More mobile malware will accompany BYOD devices into enterprises this year

This year will be an "inflection point" where BYOD devices and malware targeting those devices proliferate in the enterprise, judges Andy Daudelin, vice president of security services for AT&T's Mobile Business Solutions team.

BYOD risks are not confined to firms that allow the practice

So you've prohibited BYOD at your company. That protects you from security and legal risks associated with allowing employees to bring their personal devices to work. Right? Wrong.

How to keep 'Big Brother' out of your BYOD policy

Not only do IT folks fear the security risks from BYOD, but employees fear the privacy risks as well.

Things to include in your BYOD policy

Employees are bringing personal mobile devices into the workplace, whether sanctioned by their employer or not. The time has come for IT departments that are ignoring BYOD to take their heads out of the sands and develop a comprehensive BYOD policy.

For tomorrow's workplace, nonmobile is not an option

Today's workers might not be able to see clearly what the office of the future will look like, but two things are for sure--it will be wireless and it will be mobile.

SMBs driving new wave of BYOD programs

The BYOD movement will continue to define the workplace in 2014, with small and medium-sized businesses embracing the practice in increasing numbers.

Good BYOD advice from across the Pond

Today, I came across some good BYOD advice from the UK Information Commissioner's Office, which I thought I would share with you.

News scan: Retailers beef up mobile ad spend; EMM market to top $3B; more

Check out the hottest mobile IT stories for Wednesday, 11/26.

Infographic: People pulling their hair out over device connections

As more and more people bring their personal devices into work, device connection problems proliferate, placing a strain on already overtaxed IT departments.