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Latest Headlines

Explosion in mobile productivity apps fueled in part by BYOD, says Flurry from Yahoo

There has been explosion in the use of mobile productivity apps, fueled in part by the BYOD phenomenon, according to Flurry from Yahoo's latest State of Mobile report.

Business use could save tablet market from stagnation

Business use of tablets could save the form factor from stagnation, according to a new reported by Forrester Research obtained by TechTarget.

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Quick takes on the latest Mobile IT news for Wednesday, 1/22 including: how mobility is changing web conferencing market, BYOD devices at the production level, the current state of LTE-capable antenna shipments and the predictions for its future, the 20 million increase for phablet shipments and who will dominate the market and where Apple's operating system stands in mobile ad revenue.

Competing technologies push IDC to lower tablet forecast

Competition from other technologies, such as phablets and wearable devices, is prompting IDC to lower its forecast for tablet shipments this year to 227.4 million units from 229.3 million units.