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Latest Headlines

Doctors frustrated by lack of mobile support from hospital IT

Doctors are becoming increasingly frustrated with hospital IT departments over a lack of mobile investment, tools and support, according to a new report from Spyglass Consulting.

Hospital CIOs struggle with BYOD, Internet of Things

The BYOD and Internet of Things trends are creating security headaches for hospital CIOs, laments Andrew Litt, chief medical officer at Dell's healthcare solutions, in a Computerworld blog post.

Infographic: Healthcare industry turns to mobile tech for patient care

A full 80 percent of physicians use smartphones and medical apps, and more than one-quarter of physicians use mobile technology to provide patient care, according to an infographic by medical app developer Great Call.

JCAHO bans physician text messaging

The Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) has issued a ban on physicians texting patient information, concluding that it's not acceptable for medical professionals to

Physicians love smartphones but often can't access clinical records

Physicians have rapidly embraced smartphones significantly beyond the general population leaving IT departments in hospitals grappling with demands from physicians that electronic clinical